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We Created The Perfect List of Inspirational Speech Topics

Inspirational Speech Topics
What inspires you to give your best in life? What makes you work harder to achieve success? It is the motivation from within. Why not help others awaken this feeling in their minds? This is best done through a motivational speech. Here is a list of some inspirational speech topics for you.
Manali Oak
Last Updated: Apr 21, 2018
It's easier to speak on informative or entertainment topics than taking up something inspiring or motivational. The best way to make a motivational speech effective is to speak with conviction. Effective speaking can actually make a difference to the audience and thereby the society, in its own small way.
Making an inspiring speech requires courage and an ability to influence the listeners. Motivating someone is not easy. You need to believe in what you are saying and the belief has to reflect in your speech. Strong, encouraging words and motivational quotes can help make your speech effective. Basically, you should be convinced with the idea of motivating through words. Only then a motivational speech can serve its real purpose.
An inspiring speech can sound like a blabber if the speaker is not convinced with the idea that he is trying to motivate people about. For an inspiring speech to be effective, the speaker should be clear about the idea and his role in putting it across to the audience. The speech topic should be chosen wisely. Here are a few inspirational speech topics you can choose from.
Employees lacking motivation cannot work with the best of their capabilities. Both external and self-motivation are essential to drive them to excellence. It's the employer and management's responsibility to encourage the organization's resources to do their jobs well. Guest speeches can be arranged once in a while to motivate the workforce. Effective speakers can inspire the employees to strive for betterment at work. Here are some topics to talk on.
  • How to improve sales goals
  • Importance of teamwork
  • Effective leadership
  • You can win!
  • How to set realistic goals
  • What is strategic planning?
  • How to achieve effective decision-making
  • Importance of focus at work
  • How to not let external forces demotivate you
  • How to achieve targets without getting stressed
  • Importance of work ethics
  • Dealing with difficult people at the workplace
  • Overcoming job stress
  • Dealing with mistakes at work
  • How to dream big
  • How does self-motivation work?
Business topics
Motivation is an essential component of student life. As a student, one needs to feel motivated enough to exploit the fullest of his potential, be it in academics, sports or other activities. Motivational speeches for students intend to change their way of thinking. These speeches can give their lives a new direction. If school or college students are going to be your audience, choose topics like:
  • Believe in yourself
  • Being confident
  • It's now or never
  • How to motivate yourself to exercise
  • How to stay away from negative peer pressure
  • Admitting mistakes and learning from them
  • How to overcome adversities in life
  • How to be a responsible teenager
  • Breaking bad habits
  • Importance of discipline in life
  • Treat others the way you wish to be treated
  • How positive thinking helps
  • Actions v/s words
  • How to motivate yourself to study
  • Importance of prayer
  • Building self-esteem
Education topics
Real Life
Motivational speeches can work wonders, if delivered the right way. They can inspire the masses to act with the fullest of their potentials. They can boost confidence in people and inspire them to overcome failure. There were entrepreneurs who changed the world, there were leaders who influenced masses, there were activists who devoted their lives to a social cause. Citing examples of their work can make a motivational speech more effective. Talking about their lives and how they faced adversity can serve as a good motivation for the audience. Give examples of these people's contribution to society. Explain how they made a difference to the world. Great people and their commendable work can make good inspirational speech topics. Here are some examples.
  • Accomplishments of George Washington
  • Life and work of Mahatma Gandhi
  • Life of Mother Teresa
  • An account of Helen Keller's Life
  • Albert Einstein's contributions to science
  • How Abraham Lincoln overcame his failures
  • Oprah Winfrey's life
  • People who changed the World
  • World's greatest leaders
  • Entrepreneurs who took risks
  • People who rose from the ashes
  • Successful entrepreneurs who overcame adversities
Real life topics
Tips for an Effective Motivational Speech
Remember, inspiring someone is not easy. But a good use of words and appropriately placed examples can make an impact. Here are some pointers to a good speech.
  • Be sure of the intention of your speech. Is it aimed at changing the way people think? Is it intended to make them do something? Is it aimed at influencing people to choose something against other things? Is it to make them quit something because it's bad? Does the speech intend to motivate people to work for a cause?
  • Gather attention before you begin to speak.
  • The opening lines make the first impression. It could be a good way to start with a famous inspirational quote or a short inspirational story. They are good ways to attract attention.
  • Include real-life examples or give accounts of influential people's work.
  • Make a direct address to the audience. Let there be surety and confidence in what you are trying to say.
  • Express your belief in the idea you are trying to motivate people about.
  • Along with stories about famous people, if you could include your own experience or something that changed you or motivated you in life, it will have a greater impact.
  • Ask the audience for feedback after your speech.
Motivational speeches are meant to make a difference. The fundamental purpose of these speeches is to motivate the listeners towards bringing about a positive change in their life or the society at large. Hope you do that through an effective speech on one of these inspirational speech topics. All the best!