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Pleasantly Interesting Entertainment Speech Topics

Entertainment Speech Topics
How can speeches be made entertaining? Can this question itself make an entertainment speech topic? Well, yes. For a list of many other entertaining speech topics, you must read on.
Manali Oak
Last Updated: Apr 9, 2018
Speeches need not be informative every time. And every speech topic need not be serious. You could give an entertaining talk or speak about something funny. You could take a sarcastic take on a social or political issue or add a tinge of humor to something that is always taken seriously.
Well, entertainment can mean different things to different people. For me, an eloquent speech on a light topic could qualify as entertaining, while you might expect something hilarious. Some might expect it to be on a topic related to entertainment, while for others it could mean anything interesting. So entertainment speech topics can range from funny to educational, and from controversial to inspiring. But they have to be interesting.
To develop an entertaining speech on any topic, you need to adopt a different way to look at it, considering all its points of view in a different light. Adding personal experiences and funny stories helps increase the entertainment value of your speech. Mocking comments, exaggeration, and a little bit of absurdity in the speech can help make it entertaining. Here is a list of 55 entertaining speech topics distributed across four sections. With some topics, we have given you hints to extend or build on them, thus helping you come up with many more speech topics on similar lines.
On what we often think or do
Topics on relationships, special occasions, and gift ideas are quite popular. So are topics on things we often do for recreation. It is easier to get the listeners' attention on such subjects, as many can relate to these topics quite easily. They are not necessarily funny, but if spoken on in an interesting way, they can surely entertain the audience.
  • What makes two people compatible?
  • How to give relationship advice?
  • Importance of relationships
  • Things moms always say
  • Questions kids ask (and how to answer them)
  • Blind dating
  • Party games you should never play
  • Party ideas for ... (talk about party ideas for a particular occasion or for a party with a particular theme)
  • Gifts you should not give to ... (talk about gifts that should not be given to a girl or to a boy, or to a certain type of person)
  • Prank ideas (Extend this idea to speak about pranks to pull on your brother or sister, or the funniest or the scariest pranks, April fool pranks, office pranks, etc.)
  • Bad hair day
  • Why some people are not photogenic
  • Why video games are good
  • Interesting things to do on the Internet
trivia speech topics
Entertain the audience with a speech on fun topics like strange attires, rare or difficult pronunciations, etc. Or talk about something informative yet interesting like weird animal behavior or birds that cannot fly. Could you think of more?
On questions we have
Here's a section of speech topics that are in the form of interesting questions. Though some border on philosophical, if spoken about on a lighter note, are sure to entertain the audience. These are questions many of us have. They are those which we struggle to find answers for. Some of them don't have a right or wrong answer and the answers for some are subjective. Trying to answer these through a speech can be thought-provoking. Examples and real stories can help make the speech entertaining.
  • How to become popular
  • Can women supersede men in every field?
  • How to get rich
  • Can we get everything in life?
  • Why men and women have different ways of thinking?
  • Why people fight
  • Why can we never be content?
  • How does hope work
  • Can we really find true love?
  • What is friendship
  • Do dreams have a meaning?
  • Why is it so hard to forgive
  • What is easier; to forgive or to forget?
  • What is the meaning of life?
speech topics on random thoughts
Questions that provoke thought can prove to be entertaining speech topics. For example, a speech on being or not being photogenic or giving your take on what would it feel like if Santa Claus were a woman are sure to be a pure entertainers. On the other hand, topics like meaning of true love, finding life's purpose, or forgiveness are quite philosophical. But it's up to you to give these a lighter take.
On little things we want to know
Here are some typically asked questions, which can make some interesting speech topics. Remember to make the answer elaborate and entertaining; in some cases, you may have to use props to demonstrate the procedure you are speaking about. Add a fun element to the speech by supporting it with some humorous examples.
  • How to photograph a baby
  • How to train a puppy
  • How to clean your house in 15 minutes
  • What not to say at an interview
  • How to deliver an entertaining speech
  • What to do when bored
  • How to drive people crazy
  • How to dance
  • Could Santa Claus be a woman?
  • How can teens make money?
  • What not to say to a ... (man/woman or to a person from a certain country or a particular profession)
On things informative
The topics in this section are informative and entertaining. While preparing a speech on one of these topics, collect information from the available sources and present it in an entertaining way.
  • Working of the entertainment industry
  • Strange dress codes
  • Rare pronunciations
  • IQ tests (you could talk about whether they really work, whether they give correct results, how they should be designed, etc.)
  • Solving mathematical problems in an interesting way
  • Great color combinations you never thought about
  • Life of a celebrity (you could choose an eminent personality and research on some interesting facts about him/her and deliver a speech on the person's life.)
  • Weird-looking animals
  • Birds that don't fly
  • Dogs that look like bears
  • Why people lie
  • How men think
  • How being in love feels
  • Strange food combinations
  • Countries where it never snows (Building on this, you could talk about countries that experience maximum earthquakes, lightning strikes, storms, rain, etc.)
  • Countries that never had slavery (Building on this idea, you could speak about countries that were never under foreign rule, or countries that never won Olympic medals, those where death penalty is legal, etc.)
These were some entertaining speech topics that we could come up with. You may devise many more based on these or out of your own imagination. While choosing a topic, make sure you look for the popular and frequently searched ones. You may choose an interesting or tricky question and build your speech as an answer to it. Or you may choose to talk about a serious issue in a lighter vein. See that your speech scores high on its entertainment value.