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Interpreting Body Language: What Do Your Eyes Reveal?

Eye Body Language
Understanding or reading eye body language can help you to understand if a person is trustworthy. SocialMettle believes that by learning how to read them properly, you can understand certain situations in your life and manipulate them for your own benefit.
Pragya T
Last Updated: Apr 23, 2018
"The eyes are the mirror of the soul and reflect everything that seems to be hidden; and like a mirror, they also reflect the person looking into them."
Paulo Coelho, Manuscript Found in Accra

A person by being adept in body language can even fake it. However, eyes are mirror to the soul and easily give away the emotions or feeling which a person is going through. Eyes can show if a person is tired or feeling fresh. Fresh, un-tired eyes will glow, and, on the other hand, a person who is tired will have dull-looking eyes often accompanied with dark circles.
It is very difficult for a person to fake the eye body language, however you can still use the eye signs to your own advantage. For example, if you are tired then you can avoid going to an important meeting, as the person who you have the meeting with will be able to see through your tired attitude, which can also reflect a feeling of disinterestedness.
Different Eye Signals Explained
Looking Up
When a person is looking up, it indicates that the person is thinking. A person when looking upwards to the left can indicate him/her trying to remember something. Looking up and right can indicate that he/she is creating an imaginary picture, and hence can mean that the person is lying. This signal is also a sign of boredom. Head lowered down and the eyes looking up is a sign of submission with eye contact of attraction.
Looking Down
Looking down can be a signal of dominance or submissive. However, the sign of being dominant and powerful will be often accompanied with a slight tilt of the head, while submission will be when a person is looking down without making eye contact.
Looking Sideways
Looking sideways often means that something is a source of interest or threat, it can also mean that a person is not in approval with what you are saying.
Eye Contact
Doe eyes which is a slight unfocused look with relaxed eye muscles, can mean sexual desire. In this sign of love, a person can also have shiny eyes, and the pupils can appear dilated. Making eye contact also shows that a person is interested in others, while breaking eye contact can mean that the person is insulted or is trying to flirt when the head is held coyly low. Long eye contact can mean many things, like paying close attention, that you like certain person, trying to understand if another person is interested in you, etc. Long eye contact of looking back and forth between both eyes indicates attraction.
A person narrowing his/her eyes can mean that person does not believe what you are telling him/her. Hence, this sign is used to judge if a person is lying or not. However, it can also mean that a person is tired, and when this sign is accompanied with lowering of eyelids and tossing the head back with puckering lips, while the person is still looking at someone can mean the person is being romantic.
Pupil Size
The pupil size is a subtle sign which can mean sexual desire. If a person's eyes dilate and another person's eyes dilate in response, it may mean that the two are attracted to each other.
Glancing can indicate towards a desire; for example staring at a wall in a meeting or public place can mean a person wants to leave the place. It can also mean that a person is interested in you, and has the desire to talk to you.
Staring can be aggressive, affectionate, or deceptive. However, when deciphering the emotion behind a stare, it is important that you understand the accompanying signs as well.
Closing the Eyes
Closing the eyes shut means the person is shocked or horrified of the scene in front of him and doesn't want to see it. It can also mean avoiding or ignoring another person during a conversation.
Winking can be a deliberate gesture suggesting conspiracy. Sometimes it is also a suggestive sign, pointing to a greeting, which sometimes men or boys use.
Damp Eyes and Tears
Dampness in eyes can be due to tiredness, or can be a suppressed sign of weeping, anxiety, or extreme sadness. Tears are a sign of overflowing emotions which can be due to extreme sadness, pain, or joy.
It is important that when analyzing the different eye signals, consider the accompanying gestures too. So remember the meaning behind these unconscious signs, and you will be able to understand people better.