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Bad Customer Service Examples

Bad Customer Service Examples

Have you ever been a victim of bad customer service? Most of us have. Here are a few examples that show what bad customer service actually is.
Megha Tiwari
'The Customer is the King'. The custompreneur or the entrepreneur who are customer focused, believe in rendering quality services to the customers, so that they get the best experience from any source of the company. This means that, the focus of the custompreneur should be on the commitment to provide excellent customer service, and thus, customer retention. Though, sometimes, there might be a vast difference between what is intended and what the actual result is. We all know that in this competitive environment, no company deliberately provides bad customer service, but unfortunately this is what is experienced often. Many companies think that whatever is easy and convenient for them should also be so for the customers. But on the receiving end, we can mark the difference. So, it is our responsibility to inform the company about the service that they render.

Examples of Poor Customer Service

Example 1
A customer bought a washing machine, but unfortunately, it was not working the way it should have. The machine was still in its warranty period. So, the customer rang the customer helpline, which provided him with a complaint number. He was ensured that his problem will be looked into and fixed within a week. After almost one month, he was still waiting for a technician to come and fix the problem.

Example 2
A customer of an insurance company received a reminding letter to pay the remaining amount, but until that date, he had not received his policy renewal documentation. So, he picked up the phone to call customer care, pressed all the options that the auto caller instructed, and waited and waited. No response on the call forced him to write an email, asking them to resend the document. After a few days, he again received a letter informing him that he had to pay the dues immediately, otherwise his policy would be canceled.

Example 3
A customer went shopping and found that her credit card was blocked. She called her bank and got to know that it was blocked because some important mail was returned from her address. When she asked as to why didn't they inform her before blocking her card, the bank could not give any straight answer. The card was supposedly unblocked after she had to answer many security questions. Unfortunately, the same evening, when the lady went out in the evening, she could not withdraw money from her card. Again, she had to call the bank and got the answer, "sorry, we forgot to activate your card, so you will have to wait for another four hours before you can use it".

What You Should Do
  • Stay calm while talking to a company representative.
  • Be very specific about your complaint, so that your problem is not misunderstood by the company representative.
  • If possible, speak to the manager or supervisor, because they have more authority and solutions for your problem.
  • Be polite and offer any suggestion which might not be there in manager's mind.
  • If the problem is not resolved at this stage, write to the business owner and give all the minute details, like who did you consult (with names) for the problem, complaint number, and your contact details.
  • If the matter is still not resolved, take legal action with the help of your legal adviser.

In the environment of cut throat competition, businesses are paying more and more attention to customer relationship management and quality customer service. But if a firm is providing bad customer service, then you must take the pains to inform them about the poor quality of service rendered by them.