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Unique Communication Skills Games to Break the Ice and Have Fun

Communication Skills Games
There are several communication skills games organized in schools, colleges and offices as icebreakers or as entertainment during social events. In this following article, we will list out some communication games that you can look into.
Aparna Jadhav
Last Updated: May 31, 2018
Unique communication skillls
Communication is a very important requirement in society today. Whether it is at a preschool or an office, kids and adults have to communicate with their fellow mates in order to socialize. The purpose of communication is that a group of individuals come together to discuss or talk about things which are of concern. When you have good conversational skills, you can create a positive outcome of not only your thoughts but also of the others around you.
Disagreements, misunderstandings, anger and distance are some of the effects of poor communication skills. But when you are good at speaking, you can convey the negative in a positive and convincing manner. For this purpose, schools and companies come up with certain games based on communication skills for individuals, in order to make them more open and social.
In this following SocialMettle article, we have listed some of these communication skills games that you can look into and take up for your next event.
Communication Skills Games For Adults
Most professional companies usually hold certain workplace communication events which are conducted for the purpose of socializing and communicating with each other. These events include games and icebreaker activities for teamwork, employee motivation, energizers, personal development, etc. Some such games are mentioned below.
Helium Stick
For this game, all you need is teamwork. You have to form two parallel lines, facing each other. Place a long, thin, helium rod on the index fingers of each group mate and ask them to lower it to the ground together. The problem is that instead of going down, the rod goes up and it is very difficult to bring it down together.
Warp Speed
This is another group activity for building team spirit and working together on one goal. In this, you have to form groups and stand in circles holding hands. These groups are then challenged to juggle with either a hoopla or any other object as fast as possible, in a given time span.
For Students
For students in schools and colleges, there are many social events like festivals and fairs. Students must have good communication skills at their age so that they don't face personality problems ahead in life. There are many party games which can also be used to develop communication with others. Some examples have been listed below.
Mine Field
You must have partners for this game, out of which one is blindfolded. There are a few objects that are scattered indoors and outdoors. The blindfolded partner is supposed to find these objects and the one who can see, is supposed to verbally guide him/her towards them.
Back to Back
Two team members sit back to back. One is given a sketch pad and a pencil, the other is given a random picture. The objective of the game is that the person with the picture has to describe the details of the image to his teammate, while the teammate sketches. This is a great game because it improves listening skills, and promotes the skill to communicate something effectively.
For Kids
Kids in school also need to learn effective communication skills so that they can implement them faster. These games also help in teaching kids who have communication disorders how to observe and grasp a certain concept, so it can be communicated well.
This is a great word game which can be used to develop a child's vocabulary as well as his/her communication skills. You have a board with squares on it and each has some points written on it. You have to make words out of the letters provided to you and increase your score through these. You can make long words as well as short ones, but there are certain rules for making these words as well. It is a fun educative word game for kids of all ages.
Pictorial Games
Since pictures are a great way of explaining what words can't, you can help your kids develop their communication skills through some picture games. Pictionary, is a great game for good communication or conversational skill development for children in school. You can divide the class into groups and let each group member come up and draw a picture on the board, for the others to guess. Reading and explaining picture books is also one of the best ways of teaching as well as helping the kids mingle among themselves in a class so they get to make friends.
With these great games for people of all ages, I am sure you can make learning and developing communication skills, a fun process. So, pick out any of your favorite games and make it an educative as well as a social experience.