Tips to Give a Welcome Speech

One of the most important aspects of social gatherings are the welcome speeches given by the host or someone else. These set the tone for the entire event, and hence, they should be handled tactfully. SocialMettle has compiled various pointers for delivering a speech without jitteriness.
SocialMettle Staff
Last Updated: Apr 9, 2018
Welcome speeches are an integral part of any social event and gathering, and it is a great way to set the gathering going. Depending on the occasion and some other factors, you can make a welcoming speech long or short. These speeches usually set the tone for the entire event, and help the host decide how the mood of the gathering will be.
There are numerous situations where these speeches will be useful, and the person entrusted with making these speeches should be well prepared with various speech topics. The purpose of the speech is to build the expectations, the excitement level, and the anticipation level of the crowd, and to give them a little teaser about what is to follow. Thanking them for being present is also an aspect of this speech that must not be overlooked.
Welcome Speech Tips
There are many public-speaking techniques to keep in mind while performing this speech, and none of these aspects should be missing.
  • If there is any special person present at the gathering, his/her presence must be acknowledged and appreciated.
  • To name the event and thank all the guests for coming.
  • To give a general idea about the sequence in which various events are going to unfold.
  • To give a summary about the host of the event.
  • To introduce the next speaker coming up, if there is one.
  • To give a suitable conclusion.

It is very important to greet the people present courteously and properly. If any special names are going to be mentioned, the speaker must know how to pronounce these names in the right manner. Practicing the speech at least once before it is finally made is also recommended, as this will give the speaker a basic idea of the tone that these speeches are supposed to take.
Speech Template
To get a better idea about how to make good welcome speeches, here is a basic template for you. The outline of the speech that you make should be similar to this speech, with some alterations here and there. Follow these guidelines and you will be able to successfully render a speech. There are two templates that you can use, and these are WELCOME and MR. GOOSE.
  • W: Welcome everyone who is present with a special mention for some honorary guests and dignitaries.
  • E: Everyone should be a given sincere thanks for being present at the event.
  • L: Let the audience learn the purpose and the significance of their presence at the event.
  • C: Comment on the company's history, or the history of whichever organization or group that has held the event.
  • O: The occasion must be given some more words and time.
  • M: Insert a meaningful quote or incident in the speech for best results.
  • E: End the speech in the best way possible, and hope that everyone has a good time.
If this method has not made the process clear for you, here is another way of looking at the formulation and deliverance of these speeches.
  • MR: Mr. Chairman, or any other title that the dignitaries possess.
  • G: General welcome to the event organized by the group or company.
  • O: Give some more details about the Organization.
  • O: Give some more details about the Occasion.
  • S: Special welcomes to be given to people to whom it is due.
  • E: End the speech in the best way possible.
There are a number of samples that you can find online as well, and these will give you an even better idea of how the speeches should be. Go through these at your own leisure, and all the best for formulating your speech.