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Speech Topics: Interesting Topics To Talk About

Speech Topics: Interesting Topics To Talk About

Interesting topics can makes great topics to talk about. Whether it is just talking or making a speech, interesting speech topics always help in some way or the other. Here is a list of interesting topics for speeches, which can be good topics to talk about.
Mukta Gaikwad
Last Updated: Apr 22, 2018
Speech is the most powerful and persuasive mode of communication. Great leaders, whether dictators or democrats, have led nations, won wars and fought back with vengeance with the power of speech. Mahatma Gandhi convinced Indians of their power to retaliate the British through his famous slogans like, 'Do or Die'.

The term 'interesting' is relative. What holds your interest may not hold mine. Nevertheless, there are some interesting speech topics that will never die out of anyone's interest. The abstract nature of these topics to talk about makes them ageless. Irrespective of age, creed, caste or taste, this list of interesting topics will stimulate the intellect of every reader. Think out of the box as you try to find the answers to these abstract interesting topics and hone your public speaking skills.

Interesting Topics For College Students
College is the most formative time of life. It is the time where an adolescent transforms into a responsible adult. Help college goers form a better opinion about the issues of the world with the interesting college speech topics listed below.
  • Holocaust: Will History Repeat Itself?
  • Should all the Nations Ban the Armies?
  • What are the Morals and Ethics Journalism?
  • Did Adam and Eve go to Heaven or Hell?
  • Does our Education System Needs to Change?
  • Should Police Officers be Held to Higher Moral and Ethical Standards than the Population they Serve
  • Should Politicians be Educated?
  • Is Smoking Weed Bad for You?
  • Global Warming: A Need for Change
  • Lessons from History
  • Qualities to be a Leader
  • Farewell Address
  • The Biggest Dream (for a nation, city, college, etc.)
  • Future of Telecommunication
  • From War to Peace
  • Reality Check: Energy Crisis
  • New Religion: Spirituality
Fun Topics To Talk About
You can let your hair down as you climb the dais to make an interesting speech on one of the humorous speech topics. These interesting topics for speeches are good topics to talk about, which can lighten the mood if dealt within a right way.
  • What do Women Want?
  • Why do Earthworms come out in the Rain?
  • Why is the Sky Blue?
  • Why do Men Cheat on their Wives?
  • How I Met your Mother?
  • Where was the Garden of Eden?
  • How to Make Easy Money?
  • How to Love Yourself?
  • How to be Beautiful?
  • Where am I Headed to?
  • Are there Angels Amongst Us?
  • What is Quantum Physics
  • How was the Universe Created?
  • Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader?
  • Are We Ready for Marriage?
Politically Interesting Topics
Political issues are best and the most interesting topics to talk about. Political leaders always seem to draw attention, which is why it gives you 'your claim to fame' if you make an interesting speech, but a politically correct one!
  • Who Could be Behind Mumbai Attacks
  • Media Sensationalism of the 26/11 Attacks: Is it Justified?
  • Can Wars Really Solve Problems?
  • Religions: Should they Interfere with Laws and Legislatures?
  • What is the 'American Dream'?
  • Should Prostitution be Made Legal All Over the World?
Abstract Interesting Topics
Abstract topics create curiosity and raise inquisitiveness amongst the audience. It gives you a chance to think off the track. Unleash your imagination as you set out to make a point of view about the issues never touched so far.
  • 2012 End of the World: Is the World Going to End in 2012?
  • Vampires: Are vampires real?
  • Afterlife: Is there life after death?
  • Aliens: Is there Any Proof that Aliens are Real?
  • Planet Mars Facts: Interesting Facts about Planet Mars
  • New 7 Wonders: What are the Seven Wonders of the World?
  • Abortion Rights: Pros and Cons
  • Do We Really Find Soulmates?
  • Does God exists?
  • Do Babies Remember their Past Life?
  • Why do Memories Hurt Even Though We know they no Longer Matter?
  • What is the Purpose of Life?
  • What is Love?
  • What Will Happen to Me After I Die?
What Makes a Topic Interesting
Power of perception and the ability to put it into a perspective, is what makes a topic interesting. An interesting speech topic will have your audience gaping in awe. Good topics to talk about will always be spoken about. However, taking up controversial issues and giving your opinion about it will give you an edge over the others while making an interesting speech. Whether its interesting speech topics for students or just for a political leader, every topic must be well researched and thought over. It must be rehearsed and its performance must be made flawless. Never take your audience for granted as it may spoil your show. A good orator understands the importance of interesting topics and strives to deliver justice.