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Physiognomy of Men

Physiognomy of Men

The art of understanding the physiognomy of men is said to help one assess or judge one's character or personality. There are certain physical characteristics, especially of the face that helps one interpret more about a person's nature. In order to find out if a man is worth your trust or is there something fishy about him, you can read a bit about face reading, in the following article.
Batul Nafisa Baxamusa
On many occasions, I have been told by my grandma, never to trust a man with cat eyes. By 'cat eyes' she meant someone with green eyes. These green-eyed men, according to her were not trustworthy and liaisons with them will result in heartbreaks. I do not know how accurate is this face reading prophecy by my grandma. However, there are many countries like Greece, China and even India, where it is considered an art. An expert in this field is said to interpret and explain the personality or character of a particular person, with just a single look at the face and body structure. If you believe, the face can show you what's going on in the mind, then you will find the following tips very useful.
What Does Physiognomy Help Interpret?
Your features indicate your luck and fortune. Each facial area helps in assessing what kind of person you are. The forehead helps interpret one's way of thinking. The eyes tell you about your ability to take on different experiences in life. Your work methodology and ability to deal with money is interpreted by the nose. The mouth shows how expressive one is and the lips indicate your level of sensuality. Your interaction with others is indicated by the ears and level of assertiveness is explained by the appearance of chin. The meaning of each facial feature is different when it comes to the sexes. They interpret a different meaning when it comes to women and men. Go ahead, arm yourself with these tips and start analyzing the personality of the men in your life.
Reading the Face
The head of a man which is big in size and round indicates he will do well as an administrator. He will hold a good position in his life. A person whose head is level and is full of hair, shows he is intelligent as well as witty. He is full of good qualities and character. A broad head shows that he will have trouble maintaining his wealth and will prove to be unlucky. A small head also shows he is not very lucky in life and will lack intelligence.
A head full of hair means the man is intelligent. Thick and rough hair means he may be poor. Jet black and thick hair indicate that the person is full of good qualities. Thin black hair means he is a passionate person. Slightly reddish hair means he may live a very comfortable life.
A broad forehead indicates the man is intelligent, learned as well as has a generous nature. A short forehead indicates he will most probably be poor and may even live a short life. Wealthy and spiritually inclined men have curved and broad foreheads. High and broad forehead indicates intelligence and wealth.
A person whose corner of the eye is red in color, shows he will rank high in popularity among women. A deep-set and deeply sunk eyes indicate a very unfaithful and wicked male. If a person has nice round eyes, he may either be a conman or a very brave person. Red-colored eyes indicate passionate nature and yellow-colored eyes mean the person is not content with his life. White eyes show intelligence.
Eyebrows that are curved like a bow, show that he will lead a comfortable life and will have no problems with his wealth. Joining of both eyebrows means the person will remain under the influence of the opposite sex. However, such individuals are very kind-hearted. Selfish and conceited individuals have long, bushy eyebrows. A poor and unlucky individual may have less hair on his eyebrows.
Small-sized ears mean a foolish man. Long-eared men are often considered intelligent. Twisted and hard ears indicate he is either a wrestler or has a stout body. A thin ear frame may indicate the person is a scholar and thick ears indicate that he is unreliable, a cheat and an evil person.
Long nose indicates a lucky person who will earn power and wealth. Very long nose means he is a shameless person. Small nose means he is kind-hearted with a religious outlook. A shrewd and wicked person has a depression in the center of his nose.
A person with dimples that are seen when he laughs or talks shows he is lucky and wealthy. Broad, fleshy cheeks means the person has a destiny to rule and earn power with wealth. Raised cheeks indicate selfishness.
A person with no hair on the chin indicates he has a personality of a coward and may be unlucky. Little hair in the chin means he is selfish and has a rash temperament. A man who loves to talk has a long, hanging chin.
Mouth and Lips
A person with a broad mouth is hard on luck and big mouth means he has a bold nature. Red lips indicate the person has a happy, optimistic nature. Long, broad lips means he is unlucky with a blemished character. Protruding, big lower lips indicate a hardworking person who has trouble with faithfulness.
A person with a round face is considered jovial and lucky. A very big and ill-proportioned face indicates he may be poor.

Studying a Man's Body
A tall person is supposed to have a good personality and live a comfortable life. Men with a short stature are considered sexy in nature, cunning and yes, clever.
A long, thin stomach or belly shows he holds a good position in life and work. Normal belly shows he is lucky. If the person has red veins apparent on his stomach, it shows loose morals and blue veins indicate wealth.
Belly Button
A big, round navel is interpreted as a generous man. Deep, fleshy belly button means he holds a good position in his life. He is said to have weak morals when his navel is small and uneven in shape.
Thick hair on a man's thigh means he is very popular with the opposite sex. Hairless thighs as well as thin thighs indicate bad luck. Fleshy and broad thighs mean the person has good luck on his side.
Big feet that appear fleshy means he has power and wealth. A person with average feet means he lives an average life.
Body Hair
A man with scanty hair on the body is said to be lucky. If he has thin hair, he is said to suffer in life. Very thick hair means, he will live a miserable life.

One cannot say for sure, if you can actually judge a person's character, personality, luck and outlook towards life based on these interpretations. It is up to an individual how he chooses to act or behave. He may sound contradictory in many cases; thus, it is up to you to decide how far you should believe these face reading interpretations.
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