Physiognomy of Women

Have you ever thought of being able to read the mind of a woman? Won't you like to face read a woman and find out if she is the type of girl you are looking for. You can try the art of physiognomy and get to know a few points about her possible nature. The following article on physiognomy will help you learn a few personality traits related to physical features.
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It was truly a lesson in don't take something at face value. You know, so many of us do in life. Whether it's because of how somebody looks or because of what they're wearing or what have you, you kind of assess a person in the first five minutes before they even speak. ~ Shemar Moore
Face reading is a very ancient art that may have originated in India and spread to other countries like Iran as well as France. Based on physical characteristics of a person's face, one can assume most of the different aspects of their character as well as personality. So, if you want to know more about the inner self based on the outer characteristics, read on the following tips on physiognomy of a woman's face.
Physiognomy of a Woman's Face
It's not just the face of a person you know, but also recognizing the characteristics of one's own face. This will help you learn all the positive as well as negative traits of your personality. The following facial features of women and their corresponding characteristics will help you know these fine points related to your own, as well as the personality of others.
*One must, however, note that the information given below is based on assumptions, and may not be applicable to everyone.
A Woman's Face
The head can speak a lot about a woman. If the front portion of the head is straight, it may indicate that the woman is lucky. An arched head might mean that she is lucky as well as leading a comfortable life. A round head may indicate that the woman may be unlucky in life. Women with long head are said to have a questionable character.
Women with long hair -- up to their knees which are soft and silky is said to be an indication of beauty and good luck. The hair is said to help measure the inner strength of a woman. Women with thick, coarse, and wild hair are said to have very high physical as well as mental strength. These women are thought to maintain great resilience in their lives. Women with thin, silky hair are said to be sensitive by nature. Those who have black-colored and curly hair are thought to be lucky and wealthy. Women with red hair are considered to be quarrelsome and bad-tempered by nature.
The forehead gives the first impression about a woman. A long and broad forehead may indicate that the woman is unlucky in life. Woman with the forehead covered in hair or has a depression in the center, might be jealous by nature and have might have ill will towards some people.
Eyebrows are the next feature that catches one's attention. Bow-shaped eyebrows with soft, black hair might indicate beauty and strong character. Wide, wavy, golden-colored, bushy eyebrows might mean that the woman is unlucky as well as of a mean nature. Straight eyebrows may depict an unlucky woman.
Eyes, the window of the soul, speak a lot about a person. Women with large eyes that shine are said to have a dominating nature, lucky as well as leader. Women with small eyes that appear gloomy and round are said to be shrewd and might impose self limitations that prevent her from growing in life. A woman with drowsy, sleepy eyes might mean that she loves mingling with the opposite sex and may have loose morals.
One can tell a lot about relationships by examining the lips. A woman with thin upper lip and a broader lower lip is said to have problems reciprocating her feelings in a relationship. A woman with thin lower lip and thicker upper lip may indicate that she gives in too much to build and maintain a relationship. A self-centered, mean woman is said to have small, tightly pursued lips. A lady with full lips may be someone who is expressive, generous as well as loves the rich things offered by life.
A woman with a straight nose may indicate that she is intelligent, witty, wise as well as full of perseverance. Women with a small nose are said to be cunning, shrewd as well as mischievous. A proud woman who is also lazy and loves the pleasures of life is said to have wide, flaring nostrils. Good matured women are said to have a hook shaped nose.
A Woman's Body
Women of an average height are supposed to be loved by their husbands a lot. They are known to perform their household duties well. Very tall women are not considered to be sexy and very attractive by the opposite sex. Short women are supposed to be happy-go-lucky kinds. They love to experiment in the bed and are said to be very sweet-natured.
A smooth, not very long and well proportionate neck is said to be an asset related to the woman's beauty. Deer like necks are popular and loved by all. Too fat and wide neck may indicate that the woman will have a bad nature and get herself involved in carrying out mischief. If the woman has three wrinkles on her neck, it might mean that she will have wealth and good luck.
Women with crooked and hairy shoulders are considered unlucky. Women with not too broad and fleshy shoulders are said to be lucky.
Women with very long hands are said to be unlucky. Those who have rough dry hands are said to spend a life of struggle. Soft, delicate hands might mean wealth and good fortune.
Women with long, thin fingers are said to have good luck on their side. Women with small, spatula shaped fingers with hair on the back are said to be unlucky. Short and fat fingers might mean that the woman is of a stubborn nature. Small thumbs and conical fingers may indicate that the woman is clever and very faithful towards her husband. Square shaped fingers and broad thumbs may indicate that the woman is mischievous and a fighter cock. Women with pointed and thin fingers are said to have a passionate and social nature.
Belly Button
If the belly button or navel is deep, she will be very popular and will be dear to her husband, or so it is said. Broad, fleshy navel might mean that the woman is lucky.
Woman with a fat waist is said to love good dresses. A narrow, well-formed waist, smooth and not very hairy may indicate that the woman is lucky. Big, flabby waist is said to indicate the woman is shrewd and wicked in nature.
Women who have round, straight, fleshy thighs are said to be brave and kind-hearted. Women with broad, hairy thighs are said to spend a life of struggle. Thin, skinny thighs may indicate that the woman is unlucky.
Ankles of a woman who are fleshy and round, may indicate that the woman will have a very fortunate life. Broad or disproportionate ankles might mean bad luck.
When all the toes touch the ground and the full foot falls on the ground while walking, it is said that the woman is very fortunate. When the third and the fourth toe do not touch the ground while walking, it is said that the woman may become a widow.
Toe Nails
Women with red colored toe nails are said to live a comfortable life. Yellow colored toe nails might indicate that she will be poor, pink might mean that a woman of a shrewd and wicked nature. White colored toe nails might mean that the woman may live a life of struggle and misery. Black colored toe nails might mean that the woman may have a loose character.
Some of the above characteristics may sound absurd, and others may seem completely ridiculous. It should be understood that the shape of the nose, or hair on the shoulder, or any other feature, cannot change the person that you are. They can also not decide your fate. Therefore, the best characteristic of a person is to be positive and honest. A good-natured and lively person is always liked by others, and always remains happy.
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