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Surprisingly Interesting Topics to Discuss With Anyone

Interesting Topics to Discuss
Always feel the dearth of interesting topics to discuss? Why go through all that trouble when you can simply have a ready list of interesting topics which you can use in different situations with different people? Wouldn't that make things simpler? It definitely would.
Rujuta Borkar
Last Updated: Apr 9, 2018
When the air gets impregnated with awkward silences? Yeah, I really cannot bear that. Happened to you too, hasn't it? Don't you feel the tension rising and your mind racing into overdrive trying to think of something, anything to just take the silence away? Then of course there is the sweating and the nervous laughter. I hate that nervous laughter. Then to make matters worse, a dumb comment like 'What else'. And that, according to me, is enough to tip the scales over.

This of course being the case with relative strangers that you do not share much of a chat rapport with, but here's the deal - which relationship does not have its share of awkward silences? Then one gropes (and hopes) for some interesting topics to hold discussions over and literally gets tormented because of the dearth of the same. Coaxing your brain to throw in your direction something interesting to discuss doesn't always work. And at that point of time, if you're graced with some remotely good speech topics, you cling on to them with dear life.

So if that's what you're looking for, then you might as well read the following article. All these topics listed below are given in the form of questions. Try asking any of these and see the conversation that flows from there.
...With Friends
You can literally talk about anything with friends and that's how it should be anyway. The things that you talk about with friends can range from plain stupid, to profoundly enlightening, to just mundane. Here are some of the things that you can talk to them about that go through a wide range of emotions:
What kind of a job would you never do?
Would you ever cheat on your spouse?
Hot date or game night
~What's your take on virginity?

~How would you spend an unexpected holiday?

~What would you do if you woke up one morning to find that you didn't remember who you were?

~Do you believe in God?

~Is politics a farce?

~Is there an afterlife?

~Do you believe in the concept of emotional cheating?
~Spa session or a girls night out? (to a girl)

~Would you get a body piercing done if it was on a dare?

~Do you want to stay and work in a metro someday?

~If you could go back in time and change something in your life, what would that be?

~If a friend has lost someone close to them, are you capable of comforting them? Or do you believe in giving them their space?

~Would you want to live till you were hundred?
...With a Girl
It can get pretty tough maneuvering your way around a conversation with a girl if you don't know the basics of communication. But a majority of this problem can be solved if you already have a ready list of topics in the offing.
Do you follow fashion or not so much?
Are you dying to fall in love?
What's the most adventurous thing you've done?
~What does your name mean?

~Would you ever be OK with adoption?

~Is it a cliché that all girls love babies?

~What's your take on... (Insert topic name)

~Is marriage a dying institution?

~Are move-in relationships a boon for guys and a bane for girls?

~Which is your favorite book and why?

~If you were given the choice to have the wardrobe of any actress from any film, whose would it be?
~Which of the actors would you want to date in real life?

~Were you one of those who turned into a weeping willow after watching twilight?

~How important is it for you to have your phone with you? Why?

~Are parents too lenient with their children these days?
...With a Boy
Conversation starters with a boy seem like a gargantuan task for many, discussing things is somewhere much further away. But there really is no need to lose hope. These topics will get the conversation flowing real good.
Have you ever cried while watching a film?
Is the way to a man's heart through his stomach?
Are you a crazed out sports fan like most other guys?
~What is your dream job?

~Are you close with your siblings?

~Should gay marriages be legalized?

~Have you ever lost someone close? How did you deal with it?

~Would you ever consider getting a tattoo? Where would you get it and what would you get?

~Did you ever suffer a heartbreak after a particular actress married? Who was that?
~Were you a part of that hype surrounding Pamela Anderson?

~Have you ever loved and lost?

~What is the advice you would give all the women out there who claim they don't understand men? Are men really not complex?

~Does success only relate to monetary success?

~What's your take on the size-zero phenomenon?
Interesting topics to discuss need not ever have to be learned by rote, just think of anything that seems interesting to talk about and start chatting away. Of course, the relationship and comfort level that you have with the person will determine the kind of conversation starters and discussion points that you'll get into. But once you learn the basic traits, people will literally have to beg you to stop. In hope of that then, all the best!