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These Ice Breaker Questions for Kids Will Boost Their Confidence

Ice Breaker Questions for Kids
Kids are very shy when it comes to initiating conversations and socializing. It can be a very difficult task to get kids talking, and when they start it's even more difficult to make them stop! But communication is a very important lesson that you need to teach your children.
Aparna Jadhav
Last Updated: Apr 9, 2018
If your kids are timid and scared to interact with people, it is not a good sign, as this fear can lead to low confidence and stage fright. Kids always imitate their elders and try to behave like them. Strike conversations with them so that they develop the ability to start one on their own. If you are a parent or a teacher looking for some questions for kids that would help start the conversation, you can find many interesting ones in the following paragraphs. Use these ice breakers for kids either at home or for class activities so that kids find it easy to talk freely and develop their confidence.
Conversation Starters for Kids
If you are at home, school, at a party, or any other event related to kids, it's great to have some fun ice breaker activities, like games and questions. These activities help kids to socialize with other kids their age and make new friends. Like adults, even children get along with specific types of personalities, and by getting to know each other they realize who they are more comfortable with. Even though games are the easiest way of breaking the ice among kids, questions are also a great option for the same. These questions can be used at events where kids are in the age groups of 4 to 12 years, as kids this age can read quite well.

The best way to use ice breaker questions for kids at any event is to make a game out of them. You can have all the children divided in groups of three or four. Write a number of funny questions on chits and place them in a bowl. Shuffle them and ask each kid to pick a chit. Make them answer the questions either to their group members or to everyone. These conversation starters for kids are a fun activity at any event. Take a look at a few such fun icebreaker questions put together just for you.
Conversation Starters for Kids
Who would you like to be other than yourself?
Where would you like to live, in the ocean or on the moon?
If you had the chance to transport yourself, where would you go and why?
Narrate one incident where you got into big trouble with your parents.
What is one of your favorite things about a family member?
Conversation Starters for Kids
Which food would you like to eat endlessly?
If you had to give up a favorite food, what would it be and why?
If you were a flavored ice cream, which one would you like to be and why?
What is the one food you'd hate to waste and can't let others waste too?
Conversation Starters for Kids
What are your favorite hobbies?
What can you do for hours?
What do you love about summer?
What are your pet peeves or interesting things about you that you dislike?
Which other name would you like to be called by if not your own?
Conversation Starters for Kids
Do you like reading books? Which is your favorite of all time?
Which television program do you love watching and can't miss even in the worst situation?
Who do you consider your hero?
Who's your favorite comic strip character? Would you like to be him/her?
Which animal would you prefer to be and why?
Conversation Starters for Kids
What do you love to do the most in the world?
Which superhero would you like to be, and why?
What kind of magical power would you like to possess?
What are your favorite toys and which are the ones you don't like playing with?
With these cool and funny ice breaker questions, I hope that you found some interesting ones you can use. So, let your kids have a great time finding new friends and make the parties enjoyable.