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Funeral Flowers: Delivery and Arrangements

Funeral Flowers Arrangements and Delivery to Send Your Sympathies

Know more about Funeral Flower Bouquets, their delivery and arrangement.
Poushali Ganguly
Last Updated: Mar 8, 2018
At the time of bereavement flowers come across as a gentle and subtle way of expressing concern for the person alive and respect for the person deceased. It brings over a sort of calmness over the people who are ruffled by the great loss. Flowers can be sent across the world without much of an effort made. It can be ordered over the Internet which means people can connect to anybody who is in the cyber market and can practically be from any part of the world. In funerals flowers are not only required to console the bereaved, there are many practical uses as well. They are also used to dress the hearse and the coffin of the dead.
Funeral Flower Delivery
Today it is possible to send flowers to a place afar on the same day or next day, which nobody could have ever imagined a decade and a half back. Irrespective of the order being for a same day or next day delivery, orders are being taken over the phone and definitely over the net and it can be from anywhere in the world for anywhere in the world. It is all because of the achievements of the modern technology.
Airline, Truck, Train, Taxi, Parcel Post, Ship or even a Bicycle- the mode of transport can be any of the above or a combination of few but these modes of transport help to realize the promise of flower delivery. It can be bouquet, a heart or an emblem- flowers are delivered and are delivered on time, to convey your sincere feelings as and when they are needed.
Funeral Flower Arrangements
Funeral Flowers always symbolize the temporality of life and how all human beings keep defying death all their lives but since it is inevitable it does come. It shows that death takes away a life but then all is not lost. Most of the time funeral flowers bouquets turn upward towards the sky signifying the journey of soul towards the transcendental realm and the stems of the flower sprays point downward signifying the journey of body towards earth.
There are some popular flower arrangements, which are described below:
  • Sympathy Bouquets- These are traditional, either hand-tied, basket arrangement or just simple flowers in a vase are always the best way to express the feeling of loss and sympathy. They can be either a combination of red and orange flowers, white hand-tied or pink hand-tied flowers.
  • Sympathy Baskets-These are also traditional tributes for burials and cremations but it has a simple country style appeal and are less formal. These flowers can be taken when you are not visiting the house. These baskets consist of cream flowers, some have lilac flowers and the special sympathy basket has orange and yellow flowers.
  • Floral Tribute Hearts-These are symbols of charity since the heart is like a symbol of love and compassion, it can be meant to symbolize the loss of a very close person thus making a strong personal statement. There is white and pink heart, red heart and hearts made of green and white heart also but according to me for a funeral the white and green heart is the best.
  • Floral Tribute Sprays-A spray is like an open bunch of flowers that can be of any size. Sprays are quite formal and it's better delivered to the Funeral Director. It comes in various colors and is made up of various flowers, like Red carnation, Lily and Peach.
There are various other arrangements that are quite popular like the pillow arrangement, Sheaf, Floral wreath and posies apart from the listed ones. Another interesting arrangement as mentioned earlier is the personalization, that is, the flowers are arranged in the way the client wants it, like he/she can request for an Anchor or the gates of a church that symbolize the gates of heaven or an open book for example.
Online Flower Delivery
The basic reasons behind online flower delivery getting the preference are as follows:
  • Since flowers are used to dress the coffin, the flowers should reach on time, which is very important.
  • The other reason is in some places there is a tradition of flowers being presented in a personalized shape, either making up the person's initial or making an emblem of his work or his hobbies. To get the shape special designers can be contacted who are easily available with the flower vendors in the Internet.
  • Then there are some special flowers that are required at times but are not available in one part of the world but can definitely be bought from another place due to the presence of cyber market.
A bouquet of red and white roses
Sympathy Flowers Near A Tree
Memorial wreaths
White Hydrangea
Christmas Ivy Wreath