The Basics of Chinese Face Reading

The traditional art of Chinese face reading has recently revived its popularity, as a means to understand the various problems (personal and health) people tend to face, by analyzing the structure of their face. Here is a look at the basics of this art.
SocialMettle Staff
Among their various contributions to the world, the Chinese have also contributed to the art of face reading to understand personalities, to determine the fortune of a person, as well as diagnose their health problems. It has been found that those with a particular face structure are more prone to certain health problems than others. They also have personality traits that are suited for specific professions. This traditional art is practiced till date, and people who believe in it know the power it holds. Here, we will take a look at the basics of Chinese face reading and what it implies.
The Basics Explained
In the art of face reading, each face is characterized by certain physical features, and is then classified into a type based on the five elements, viz., earth, water, metal, fire, and wood. The principles of face reading are based on Yin and Yang. The left side of the face is symbolic of Yin, while the right side is symbolic of Yang. It is only when these two are balanced that a person will achieve a balance between her/his inner and outer worlds. On the other hand, an imbalance between the two may be a cause for several personal, professional, and health problems.
Every face type relating to a particular element has certain energies, and it is when these energies are faced with obstacles or are simply blocked, they start showing in the form of health problems along with problems in growth and success in terms of career and relationships. In short, these problems may be due to an imbalance of Yin and Yang. In order to understand these concepts, here is a look into how face types are classified, along with the associated facial features, personality traits, and overall health issues under an element.
Face Type Facial Features Personality Traits Health Conditions
Wood Face
  • Long face and nose
  • High forehead
  • Narrow cheeks
  • Benign eyes
  • Fine hair and eyebrows (not very thick)
  • Visionary with an ability to look at the bigger picture
  • Not only plans but also implements plans
  • Highly idealistic, assertive, and make strong leaders
  • Strong desire for personal growth and achievement
  • Will particularly do well as a member of government
  • Highly aggressive when dreams are left unfulfilled
  • Tendency to get depressed, frustrated, and indecisive
  • Susceptible to gallbladder and liver disease
  • Severe headaches
  • Ulcers
  • Digestive problems
Metal Face
  • Oval face shape with wide cheekbones
  • Pale complexion
  • Clear, energetic eyes
  • Straight hair with pale eyebrows
  • Clipped speech
  • Strong-willed beings with excellent problem solving abilities
  • Hardworking
  • Optimistic with a great sense of humor
  • Suitable for counseling careers, such as law, healing, and teaching
  • Strong desire for self-expression
  • Tendency to get depressed and feel victimized
  • Can become sharp and rude
  • Prone to respiratory problems
  • Problems of the intestine
  • Addiction to unhealthy food leading to several other health problems
  • Healthy food with minerals work well for metals
  • May be easily treated with the help of counseling and homeopathic medicine
Fire Face
  • Long face with pointed forehead
  • Narrow but high cheek bones (freckles may be common)
  • Sharp, pointed chin
  • Curly or wiry hair
  • Quick speech and body movements
  • Focused and seek adventure (which may sometimes be risky) and excitement
  • Have the ability to motivate others with their fiery personality
  • Enthusiastic people with a warm, attractive personality
  • May become timid and demotivated
  • Susceptible to conditions such as insomnia and anxiety
  • May also be prone to heart problems
  • Should consume foods that nourish the blood
Water Face
  • Round faces that are chubby
  • Soft expressions
  • Plump bodies
  • Large, benign eyes
  • Dark hair
  • Emotional and gullible individuals
  • Governed by the heart than by the brain
  • Sensitive individuals who are capable of attracting everything they want
  • Excellent communication and listening abilities
  • Ambitious and strong
  • Prone to lethargy and excess stress
  • Kidney problems such as severe inflammation of the kidneys
  • May keep emotions pent up that lead to health problems
Earth Face
  • Square face with sharp jawline
  • Pale complexion
  • Stocky body
  • Deep voice
  • Large Mouth
  • Grounded and practical individuals
  • Good with handling money and saving it
  • Prefer traditional approaches to getting things done
  • Sympathetic and caring individuals
  • May become stubborn and selfish, and avoid any situation that poses change
  • May suffer from disorders of the stomach and spleen
  • Should adhere to a diet that is free of dairy and sugary foods
  • May be prone to lethargy and bloating of the body

Face reading techniques may vary based on different principles followed by different cultures and based on different theories. It is however said that the face expresses much more than just physical features. It is an expression of your true self, the person you are, and the health of your body. While some may learn more by reading facial expressions, others may do so by studying the physical aspects of the face. The latter is exactly what the science and art of Chinese face reading entails. The scope of this field is immense, but the information presented here was just a small introduction to this unique and complex science. Also, a lot of people swear by its accuracy. If you believe that your face too can reveal the kind of problems you have or are likely to face, or you wish to find some help with regards to taking an important decision, you may speak to an expert for some genuine help.