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Who Sweeps a Woman Off Her Feet - Alpha Male Vs. Beta Male

Alpha Male Vs. Beta Male
The alpha male and the beta male make the two broad new age categories of males. Keep reading this article that pinpoints the differences.
Hemangi Harankhedkar
Last Updated: Mar 12, 2018
If you have zero knowledge of the alpha and beta male categories, let me make it simple for you. In one word, I would describe an alpha male as the macho man, and a beta male as the nerd. These two words are enough to differentiate between the two, aren't they? If not, what follows next is a detailed discussion on the difference between the two types.
Alpha Male: Key Traits
The following adjectives best describe a guy in this category - powerful, confident, masculine, handsome, achiever, competitive, and intelligence personified! The list is huge, and contains everything that makes an ideal man, isn't it? But wait, there are also some negatives - his aggressive attitude for success, and the loud and dominating behavior. An alpha man has that power to catch the eye of any woman. He has an innate mysterious charm which sets him apart from others. He appears, and is actually confident about his abilities, and always wants things to work his way. But deep inside, he feels insecure about the competition from other alpha males. He is very proud of his image, and will take all the efforts to avoid any pinpointing of his mistakes by others. It is his unique sense of humor and self belief that makes him different. He is highly individualistic and sometimes in his own moods. Alpha guys generally are the sporty kinds, with attitude on their sleeves. But it is this attitude that actually makes them attractive.
As far as relationships are concerned, an alpha guy always has a girl to date. In fact, he has all the beautiful girls in town around his shoulders. These kinds of guys, being the intelligent ones, achieve their motives very cunningly. For marriage, this guy would look for a woman who is not as powerful as him. He cannot bear it, if his wife is earning more money than him. Alpha males lack on the sensitive side and look for partners who will easily satiate his needs. But on rare occasions, they do show a caring side. This guy hates public display of affection, and would never do any cute things to impress his girl. He is more concerned about his masculine image and achievements.
Beta Male: Key Traits
The concept of beta males is fairly new. He is a total opposite as compared to the alpha male. Submissive, lacking on confidence, shoulders always drooping, a confused and lost look; the man is a beta male. He never attracts the attention of women, and luckily if he finds a girl, will take all the efforts to impress her. He can be considered a modern age progressive man, who is ready to see his girlfriend/wife earning more than him. The beta guy rarely follows his instincts.
These males rarely show any leadership traits, and belong to the 'always grumbling' types. Their positive trait is their caring attitude. On this point, they score over the alphas. But sometimes, to get the approval of their loved ones, they tend to overdo things, which naturally irritates other people.
They seek attention, and can go to any length to attract the attention of people around them. They behave quite immaturely, and sometimes get into the passive aggressive behavior. He is more into indoor sports, again a contrasting point to the alphas. They are the last choice for women, as sometimes they sound desperate. And even if he is all good looking and sweet, he lacks the charm!
Thus, alpha males and beta males have their own positive points and shortcomings. But in between the two, alphas surely take the cake. Wait, there is more. They are not the absolute winners! There exists a third category of gamma males. Gamma males integrate the good qualities of alphas and betas!
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