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You'd Never Imagine What All Your Eyes Say About Your Personality

What Your Eyes Say About Your Personality
Besides being a measure of beauty, your eyes can reveal plenty about your personality, and what their specific qualities signify according to the principles of Chinese face reading.
Neha Deshmukh
Last Updated: Mar 26, 2018
The face is the portrait of the mind; the eyes, its informers. - Latin Proverb
The eyes have always had a special significance in cultures all over the world - from being called the windows of the soul to the enigmatic 'evil eye' of the Arabs. Captivated by them, a gazillion poems have emerged from the minds of poets and despots alike.
Expressive and deep, the eyes of a person are said to reveal all to one who can read them. From a person's health condition, to his/her intention and nature, all can be deduced by observing them, their color, clarity, or shape. Body language experts too say they can tell a lot just by observing the many nuances made by the eyes, often involuntary. If you want to know too, what little and big things about your personality your eyes are capable of divulging to the world, here is the answer.
What is the size of your eyes?
Look at your face, as compared to the rest of your features. Do your eyes (without any sort of makeup) look big or small? It is a bit subjective, so ask a friend, if possible (lovers don't count as they are bound to sugarcoat their answer).
Large Eyes
You are very open and receptive to both, emotions and information coming from conscious as well as sub-conscious channels, like dreams and aura. Passion defines you, and a general feeling of warmth surrounds you, making you a very approachable person. You also have a creative bent of mind. Take care though, your trusting nature can make it very easy for a deceitful person to take advantage of you.
Small Eyes
Focus and precision are words you swear by. You are known to be sharp and a stickler for details. Intelligence and far-sightedness mark you, and you like to delve deep into things, gaining expertise in almost anything you set your mind on. You are often wary of strangers, which, unfortunately means that many people presume you are cold and arrogant.
What about their shape?
Look at the corner and center of your eyes. Observe how the eyelids curve around them. Almond-shaped eyes are those that taper gradually, giving a almond-like shape to your eyes. On the other hand, rounded eyes are very wide in the center, and curve rather abruptly.
Almond-shaped Eyes
Almond-shaped eyes are often prized for their exotic and mystical appearance. If you possess these, then you are a very attentive and cautious person. You are able to keep your composure in the most taxing of situations. You have a very balanced outlook towards life, and don't usually show your emotions, though deep down you are warm and compassionate.
Round Eyes
Blessed with creativity and a vivid imagination, you are often lost in a world of your own. Strong idealism is also a hallmark of these eyes, so is moodiness and impracticality. You often get carried away by your emotions, and find it tough to keep your thoughts and feelings to yourself. Fortunately, you also possess a charm which endears people easily, even when your sharp tongue has hurt them over and over again.
What's the distance between them?
Ideally, the distance between your eyes should be one eye-width. But, most of us have less than that (close-set eyes), or more than that (wide-set eyes).
Close-set Eyes
People with close-set eyes often have a deep respect for old, worldly traditions. History fascinates them, and they like to follow every little custom of their ancestors and family. Unfortunately, this also means they are very resistant, even stressed, by small changes in their lives. They are also very focused, disciplined, and detail-minded people, prone to be a bit short-tempered, but ultimately very successful.
Wide-set Eyes
If you have wide-set eyes, then you love to explore and experiment - be it the newest trends in fashion or the latest lifestyle options (think the all-natural home-birthing moms). Extremely broad-minded and flexible, you often find it a bit of a chore to stick to a routine. Impulsive and adventurous, you will do well in places that offer lots of freedom and choices, even touching fame with those innovative ideas of yours.
One Eye-width Distance
If the distance between your eyes is exactly one eye-width, it means you are a very balanced person, with a good outlook towards life, and a healthy attitude toward people.
Are they prominent or deep-set?
Prominent eyes are often called protruding or bulging eyes, and look as if they are coming out of the face. By contrast, deep-set eyes form a bit of a hollow, and have a sunken appearance.
Deep-set Eyes
Idealistic, intense, and very romantic, are the traits associated with people who have deep-set eyes. Although, when it comes to revealing their inner feelings, they are very private. One of their many passions is to observe people - brilliantly analyzing their every little gesture.
Prominent Eyes
People with these type of eyes are often very sensitive, and like to surround themselves in a protective circle of close friends and associates. Still, many people find them very approachable, warm-hearted and friendly, as they love meeting new people. One thing about them, though, is that they are great worriers and by nature, are quite pessimistic.
Do they slant?
Look at the corners of your eyes, they will have a slight upward or downward slant, perhaps, again consulting with your friend.
Upward Slanting Eyes
Upward slanting eyes are also called cat eyes. If you are lucky enough to have them, then it can mean you are a very ambitious, determined person. Nothing and no one can stand in your way when you have set those eyes on something. You are also a very fun and interesting person to hang around with - people often fall in love with your witty remarks and optimism. Unfortunately, some also view you as rather opportunistic and selfish.
Downward Slanting Eyes
People with downward slanting eyes are very dependent on their close ones. They have a pessimistic streak, which often makes it difficult for them to take any decision themselves. They are easily dominated, and find it very difficult to say 'no' to anything. The silver lining here, though, is that they are very easy to get along with, and often have deep, life-long friends.
Are they just different?
Here are a couple of other types...
Droopy Eyes
These are politely called sleepy eyes, but better known as the 'drunk' eyes. The person possessing these is often thought to be sensual and warm. The various pleasures of life are their main weakness, and they often end up over-indulging themselves.
Hooded Eyes
Hooded eyes have a slight bulge on the upper eyelids, right after the crease. The eyes often appear smaller than they actually are, due to the 'hood'. They are known to be super-helping people, though shy away from asking help themselves. They might appear cheerful on the outside, but actually, something is always troubling them on the inside. They also find it difficult to stand up for themselves, and end up in a job far less beneath their capabilities.
These are a few things a person can understand about you by just looking at your eyes - the windows to your soul, as per Chinese face reading. Keep in mind though, that other features like the chin, cheeks, lips, etc., should also be taken into consideration for more accurate results. Makeup alters the shape and size of your eyes, so make sure there is none when you analyze them.