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What is the Importance of a Community

What is the Importance of a Community

"United we stand, divided we fall", how true. Every being on this planet, be it social or wild, flourish when they live, share, and grow as a community. In this SocialMettle article, we understand the importance of community and how it positively impacts us all.
Ajanta Bhattacharyya
"We must become bigger than we have been: more courageous, greater in spirit, larger in outlook. We must become members of a new race, overcoming petty prejudice, owing our ultimate allegiance not to nations but to our fellow men within the human community."
― Haile Selassie, Former Emperor of Ethiopia

Human being is a social being. We live in a society and like to share our feelings, happiness and sorrows with our friends, relatives and others. This wish of togetherness and belonging leads to create a community as a whole.

Community is a broader term and has a larger connotation. Presently, the Internet has contributed a lot in connecting people through various communities. By the way, don't you want to know the value of this very term?

Importance of Community

Usually community refers to a group of people living in a common geographical location. This group of people obeys some social norms and some common value among themselves. As such, there are so many communities the world over, separated by languages, cultures, or geographical locations. However, they are related to each other in some way or other, thus making entire world a one, single community.

A sense of community is important to establish peace and harmony among the society. The division of work, feeling of association, togetherness, and cooperation - all these help in establishing a healthy atmosphere filled with unity, harmony and friendship. This is also important in fostering a feeling of intra-national as well as international brotherhood. Let us discuss these points, in an absence of which there will be complete chaos in the community.

Sense of Togetherness

A sense of togetherness lies in the soul of every individual. This comes from our care and dependency on our fellow beings. From our childhood days to our adulthood, we care for our family members, our relatives, our neighbors and friends. This leads to a need of togetherness among people, which helps in creating a community. We tend to enjoy any festival or social ritual together. This is a kind of community feeling. Without it, people will be alone, there won't be anyone to talk to or to share with.

Division of Work

We share our work, and this division of work leads to our dependency on other people working in different roles. In every walk of our lives, we have to depend on others apart from our family members. For example, the cobbler repairs shoes for us, the barber cuts our hair, the tailor stitches fashionable clothes for us, the butcher cuts meat for us, bakers prepares biscuits for us, engineers make houses for us, etc. All these individuals fall into a community, without whom our lives will be very difficult. Division of work is, therefore, important for a well-formed and well-functioning community.


The very idea of community comes into being because people like to cooperate with each other. The sense of cooperation begins at home and it leads to a strong feeling of international brotherhood.

Feeling of Association

In a community, people live by associating with one another. The feeling of association is a common human feeling. This helps in establishing peace and harmony within a community. Without a feeling of association there will be chaos and disharmony in the society or community. Hence, this point plays an important role in making it lively and vibrant.

Thus, with all these points in a perfect combination, a community can help in making a peaceful and progressive society. Likewise, any imbalance could give rise to umpteen problems that are disrupting peace and harmony the world over.
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