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11 Daily Struggles Only an ENFP Will Understand

Struggles Only an ENFP Will Understand
Exceedingly jolly, curious, high on integrity, charismatic, fun, and friendly, ENFPs (Extraversion, iNtuition, Feeling, Perception) can be found in all walks of life. A sort of hybrid between Introverts and extroverts, and one of the sixteen personality types of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), ENFPs can make quite pleasant company. But as there are always two sides to a coin, only an ENFP knows what struggles he/she has to endure in life.
Rohan Kadu
Last Updated: Mar 26, 2018
Problem in Focusing
Problem Focusing
ENFPs get quite excited about a project at first, but then get easily frustrated and bored due to mundanity or when attention to detail is required.
Relationship Issues
Relationship Issues
ENFPs face a difficult time remaining happy in marital relationships, as they find it hard to learn the ability to follow-through a serious relationship. Once the novelty of a new relationship wears off, they are left wondering what happened to the zest in the relationship.
Being Independent to a Fault
Inflexible attitude
ENFPs want to be social beings. But they do not keep a flexible personality to do so.
Underestimating Intelligence
Socially awkward
Colleagues at work underrate the intellect of ENFPs due to their perspective of maintaining a fun and upbeat attitude most of the time.
ENFPs have a high level of enthusiasm, which leads to daydreaming. This in turn leads to unrealistic expectations.
Being Over-sensitive
ENFP in a Quarrel
Being highly emotional creatures, ENFPs have emotional outbursts when under dispute. For them, criticism or pressure turns out to be counterproductive.
Disciplining Personnel
ENFP Disciplining colleagues
If in an authoritative position, an ENFP finds it hard to scold or punish subordinates when they are found in the wrong.
Turning a Blind Eye to Bland Matters
Shabby ENFP
ENFPs get turned-off by insipid matters such as washing clothes and utensils, paying the bills, etc. They may turn out to be shabby at the workplace too.
Disregarding Physical Needs
ENFP ignoring physical needs
ENFPs, most of the time, get caught up in things, which leads them to ignoring their own physical and fitness needs.
Trying to Build an 'Ideal Self'
ENFP ignoring physical needs
ENFPs always have the need to work towards a changing idea of an 'Ideal Self'.
Consisting of Contradictory Viewpoints
ENFP confused
ENFPs have contradictory viewpoints, due to their ability of genuinely seeing multiple sides to most state of affairs.