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Sample Voicemail Greetings

Sample Voicemail Greetings

Looking for some cool and interesting voicemail greetings for your phone? Have a look at the samples presented in this article.
Saptakee Sengupta
Voicemails help in conveying messages from the caller when the concerned person is not available for attending the call. It has become a vital tool in telecommunication as the person receives the information instantly after accessing his phone. Thus voicemails allow us to stay connected with people both at personal and professional level.

You can set the greeting tone as per your own choice, which would be much interesting. Sometimes we get to hear boring voicemail messages which are not inviting at all to leave behind a message. This happens more frequently in business dealings. To avoid such responses, we have presented you samples of cool voicemail greetings.

Professional Voicemail Greetings

The voicemail examples for business purposes shall let u know the right way to accept a message from the caller. At first, mention your name and then directly ask for the details of the caller. In short, the greeting should be precise. You can set two types of voicemail greetings for callers, viz., internal and external voicemail greeting. In the former, the voicemail message shall be delivered to callers from within your company i.e. for communication exclusively for office employees. In the second case, the voicemail will be received by people calling from outside the company.

Examples for Internal Voicemail Greetings
  • Hi. You've reached Martha Johnson in Human Resource department. Unfortunately, I cannot attend the call now. You can leave your message after the beep.
  • Hello. You've reached Martha Johnson in Human Resource department. You can either record your message after the beep or contact my secretary Henry Smith at extension 5556. I shall get back to you soon.
Examples for External Voicemail Greetings
  • Hello, you have reached Margaret Smith; XYZ company's sales manager. You call is valuable for us, but I cannot answer the phone at this moment. You are requested to leave your message here after the tone.
  • Hi, this is Margaret Smith; XYZ company's sales manager. I'm not at my desk right now, so you can leave your message after the beep. You can also contact me via email at or contact our support team at 0-000-000.
General Voicemail Greetings
  • Hello! I'm X, from Y organization. I'm not at my desk right now. Please leave your name/contact no./address, so that I can call you.
  • Mr. Y is on leave till 00/00/00. Please leave behind your name/address/contact no. The message will be conveyed.
  • Today is Monday and Mr Z is at head office. Dial the NUMBER or else leave behind the message for him.
  • Hello this is X, I cannot attend your call presently. Please call on this NUMBER or leave behind your message so that I can get back to you.
Clever Voicemail Greetings

At times voicemails contain clever and witty messages. You can be mislead if you do not understand them. In such cases use your common sense and then record your message. Make sure you set such types of voicemail greetings only for unofficial use of your phone and not for professional purposes.
  • Don't be a creep because I'm not talking to you. Tell who are you on hearing the beep.
  • I'm a spirit! I will haunt you if you tell me your name and number.
  • You have entered the gateway of heaven. Here I'm God! Be blessed after leaving your contact number.
  • I wasn't at office yesterday, nor today nor will I be there tomorrow. Vanish. Leave behind a trail of you after the beep.
Funny Voicemail Greetings

You can trick the caller with funny jokes before the actual greeting message beeps. Keep such kind of voicemails for close friends and family members. They will find it amusing soon after making the call.
  • The machine says Hello, not Me. So respond to what the mechanical device orders you.
  • Play the game of in and out to find me out! Listen to the voice after the beep.
  • Yes yes yes, we are not yet in and we do not want to bore you with a long voicemail text. Leave your message after the beep.
  • I cannot lend my ear so I have kept the machine as my assistant. Record.
  • I love your voice! I want to hear you. Speak up to record.
I hope you have enjoyed the ideas for voicemail greetings. Be sure of what you want to convey before recording a voicemail. Your phone will respond faithfully to you. Generally, a recorded voicemail script is short (not more than 20-25 secs), inviting and informative (i.e. contains information of the person to whom the call has been addressed and when the caller can expect a return call). A well recorded voicemail is undoubtedly useful in our day-to-day life.