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Genuinely Nice Things to Say to People to Get Them to Like You

Nice Things to Say to People
When you find something nice to say to people around you, your day automatically seems brighter because you made someone smile, for however brief a moment. Whether it's a compliment, praise for a job well done or simply what you feel about them, there's never enough of niceness to go around.
Sujata Iyer
Last Updated: Mar 2, 2018
Having something nice to say to people can help you out in any situation. It need not necessarily be someone you have known for years and years together or a family member. You can say nice things to people whom you have only just met too, right? How else do you think the goodwill spreads?
Think about it this way, when you know that what you're going to say to someone is nice, you can guarantee that the person will smile, even if it is just for a few seconds, or a fraction of a second. You'll sleep with the positive affirmation that you were able to bring a smile, and make at least one person happy that day. What better way to end the day than knowing that you have contributed to spreading a little cheer in the world? There isn't!
What They Mean to You

When it comes to your better half, there's nothing better than reaffirming, time and again, what the person means to you. However simple the words may be, the message that gets sent across is almost always more meaningful. For instance, the three magic words, "I Love You!" This is one of the classics and definitely, THE best thing you can say to your partner. And the best part is, there's absolutely no situation when someone will not want to hear these three words. When you have a fight and want to make up, "I Love You!", when you're just lazing around, "I Love You!", when you're away from home, and miss her or him terribly, "I Love You!", when you know that he or she is upset about something, and she needs to be comforted, "I Love You!", when nothing is going his or her way, and they want to tear their hair out, "I Love You!". There's hardly any time or place where it won't be welcome.
How They are Different

Another sure shot winner is things that make the people you love realize how they are different from the rest of the world, and how lucky you feel that they are a part of your life. It could be anything like how your boyfriend NEVER hangs up on you, and ALWAYS says he loves you before he keeps the phone, even when you'll have just had the biggest, most heated argument that your relationship has ever seen! Out of the blue, send him a text telling him how special that makes you feel. It's such unique and personal things that make them even more special. Something that you know, only you both share is something that will be well received any time. Such pleasant surprises work wonders in the maintenance of a relationship.
Things Kids Like to Hear

Every parent thinks that his child is the best. Well, how about actually saying it to your kids? You know that kids are mischievous and can get out of hand at times. You remember to reprimand them when they misbehave, but conveniently forget to applaud them when they behave. That's not fair. Make it a point to appreciate your kids when they do something that you've asked them to, especially when they do it well. And even if they don't get it right in the first try, appreciate their effort. You'll notice a sea change in their behavior, for the better.
Something Simple and Sweet

When you're trying to break the ice with someone you've just met, nothing works better as a conversation starter than a nice and easy compliment, slickly driven home. It could be about the way a person looks, his personality, or even how he does a particular thing. Don't complicate things by cooking up an elaborate compliment that means absolutely nothing. Here are some tips. For instance, you see a girl wearing the cutest dress. If you want something nice to say to a girl, then know this: complimenting her dress, by saying "Oh! Your dress is simply gorgeous!" will most definitely be construed into "Does that mean I'm not?" Yes, that's the way it is. And girls, please don't deny it. Wouldn't you rather like a compliment saying, "Oh! You look gorgeous in that dress!"?
A Couple of Pointers
  • There's a reason the adage "first impressions are the most lasting" was coined. The way you appear to a person in the first meeting tells them a lot about you. And if you behave like you own half the planet when you meet someone for the first time be ready for all your hopes to come crashing down!
  • Ensure that what you're saying is actually true. Don't just cook up a fancy thing to say, unless you're sure about it. For instance, you meet someone at a bookstore, and he's looking at a particular book, don't just jump up and say that it's a good choice he's making. What if it's not for himself, and he's just buying it for a friend? Instead, you can ask him if he likes the genre that he's picked up, and THEN go on to say that it's a good choice. When you know something for sure, you can't fake it, even if you try!
These Never go out of Style
  • I love that outfit you're wearing!
  • You're one of the smartest people I've met.
  • It's nice to see you here.
  • That (piece of work someone has worked on) was really interesting.
  • You are very important to me.
  • You make me smile when I need it the most.
  • I'll come running when you need me.
There are a million more things you can say to people who mean the world to you, and to those you interact with on a regular basis. It's better not to wait for special occasions to be nice to people. The best way is to say what you feel, when you feel it. And if it's a nice thing to say, why bother waiting? There's nothing to be gained by postponing a smile, is there?
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