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Funny Impromptu Speech Topics

Funny Impromptu Speech Topics to Make the Crowd Scream With Glee

Funny impromptu speech topics keep the audience engaged till the last word. They evoke ripples of laughter which resonates even after the speech is over. Read on for funny topics to make your speech interesting...
Mukta Gaikwad
Last Updated: Apr 22, 2018
If you've ever been a part of an audience which is subjected to a serious speech, you know how dreadfully boring it is. Sadly, you cannot move out of the hall, neither can you use your cell phone for entertainment and nor can you sleep. Avert all of these issues by picking up a funny impromptu topic that will keep your listeners engaged till the last word. Such funny topics are enjoyed by each and every person. These impromptu acts do not take much effort, as most of the matter is straight out of your imagination.
Humorous Impromptu Topics
  • Boredom is Inspirational
  • Incorrigible Murphy's Law and How it Always Works
  • What Goes Around Comes Around
  • What is Your Superpower
  • What if You Could Pretend You Were Deaf
  • Chasing Dreams is Constructive Pastime
  • When Ignorance is Bliss, Why Seek Knowledge
  • Preposterous Imaginations That Never Come True
  • Criteria for Choosing Friends. After All They Too Have a Purpose!
  • If You Were the President
  • Mediocre Talent Shows Have High Revenues. So, What Makes Them Mediocre?
  • A Hundred Reasons Why Your Topic is Fun
  • Your Real Reasons for Resignation at Your Current Job Will Be...
  • How Indecisiveness Provides Great Mental Flexibility
  • Procrastination is Good for Health as it Puts all Worries Behind
  • Facebook: The New Drug
  • Nothing is Impossible When Nothing is the Motto
  • You Can't Have Your Cake and Eat it Too. Then What are you Supposed to Do With It?
  • Why Go to School, When Most Geniuses Were School Drop Outs?
  • When Death is Inevitable, Why Bother About Diet Plans?
  • How Shopping is a Sport for One and All
  • Job Description of a Beggar
  • Why is State of Denial a Happy One?
  • Instant Gratification Recipes
  • 10 Reasons Why People Should Listen to You
  • What Makes the Greatest Person Ever?
  • What Makes Cheating the Convenient Truth of Life?
  • How to Make Paper Planes to Entertain Yourself During a Boring Speech
  • A Personal Blooper
  • Funny Facts About Men and Women
  • Things Women Wish That Men Knew and Vice Versa
  • What Would be the Lyrics of Your Hit Pop Songs
  • What are the Factors that Make One a Teenage Pop Star
  • If You were an Animal, Which One Would You Be?
  • Rules for Boys Who Want to Date Your Sister
  • A True Story With a Hideous End
  • The Story Behind Your Name
  • Uses of Pen Other Than Writing
  • Your Dream Vacation
  • How Homework is Harmful to Health
  • An Imaginary Invention that You Can Invent with Your Mind.
  • 10 Reasons Why You Should Quit Your Job
  • If You Were a Millionaire...
  • Bad Dreams Stem from Reality
  • How Being a Couch Potato is Better than Outdoor Exercises
  • Ways to eat Oreo Cookies
  • Explain Why Junk Food Should Not Be Called So
  • So What Came First, Chicken or the Egg?
  • What is the World What a Monochrome? Which Color Would you Want it to Be in and Why?
  • Pen is Mightier than a Sword, What were they Really Thinking When They Said This?
  • How Telecom Service Providers Make Fake Promises
  • All the Birthday in Your School Should be Holidays
Enhance your speech with intonations and histrionics to make the speech seem as personal as possible. Though all of these funny impromptu speech topics evoke laughter, make sure your speech is not garbled with it. Speaking fluently and confidently is the key to get an audience that listens to every single word and gets involved in your speech.