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Cute Nicknames for Friends

Cute Nicknames for Friends

Cute nicknames are what make friendships special and help us bond better with our buddies. Let us have a look at a list of some nicknames in the following article and find sweet and funny ways to call our best buddies.
Batul Nafisa Baxamusa
Last Updated: Apr 22, 2018
Our names give us our identities. You may be known as Tom, Dick or Harry to the world, but to those special people and buddies in your life you may be Angel, Doobie or Jaz. Nicknames or pet names bring smiles on our faces as we know that the person calling us by that name is someone who loves us dearly. The use of nicknames is very common in friends. This is what makes friendships special and brings us closer to those who matter. Hence, even if you are shy or reserved, you do not mind calling your friends with that special name.

Nicknames tend to originate spontaneously and one does not have to think much to come up with them. When you are with your friends most of the time, you begin to come up with names according to their habits, personalities, mannerisms or a funny incident that sticks with them for life. Like someone who is over-confident can be called Mr./Ms. Smarty Pants. We do not use these names to hurt someone's feelings, but just for some lighthearted fun. Make sure you do not hurt your friend's feelings with your use of nicknames. Use them to humor a person, not insult them.

What you can Call Girls
Be careful while giving a girl a nickname. It could backfire and she might get very upset, so try these safe ones.
  • Abby
  • Baby doll
  • Blondie
  • Cass
  • Cuppycake
  • Dodo
  • Gigi
  • Gorgeous
  • Honey
  • Kitty
  • Lady
  • Liv
  • Minne
  • Muffin
  • Munchkin
  • Pammy
  • Peanut butter
  • Pinky
  • Rash
  • Ruby
  • Sandy
  • Starla
  • Steph
  • Sunlight
  • Sweetheart
  • Tiny
  • Tweety
  • Twinkle toes
  • Vini
  • Vivi
What you can Call Boys
Boys are not very easy to flatter and you need to choose nicknames that do not hurt their male ego. Anyway, when with friends, most things are simply okay and do not need to get complicated. Let us have a look at some cool nicknames for guys:
  • Babu
  • Bannister
  • Bean
  • Casanova
  • Cowboy
  • Dimples
  • Doobie
  • Doofus
  • Duckman
  • Dumbledore
  • Fudge bear
  • Hero
  • Honey bear
  • Hot chocolate
  • Hot lips
  • Mr. Abs
  • Mr. Potatohead
  • Mr. Tall
  • Mystery guy
  • Prince
  • Stud muffin
  • Stud
  • Sugar daddy
Some Creative Ones

Nicknames are the best when they have some kind of personal attribution attached to them. You can use your friend's initials to come up with a good nickname. Like KJ, DJ, KK, MA, BK, A-Man, M-Jay, etc. Or you can use the friend's favorite cartoon character's name as a nickname: like Koga, Naruto, Donald, Chip, etc. If they are animal lovers you can call them something like Tigger, Pooh, Simba, Babboon, Catty, Lion, etc. You can also use short forms of their names; Samantha becomes Sammy or Sam, Joel turns into Jo, Amber becomes Amby, and Catherine becomes Cat.

As you can see, all you need to do is use your imagination and come up with a unique name to lovingly call your friends with. No one knows your friends better than you do. So, try to come up with cute names that suit them.