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Are You Too Clingy? - Quiz

Are You Too Clingy? - Quiz

Every relationship presupposes expectation. However, no couple draws the line as to how much to expect and what to expect. This miscommunication becomes the undercurrent for various tags most partners get. So let's find out how does one get a tag of being too clingy.
Mukta Gaikwad
Last Updated: Apr 22, 2018
You are clingy if...
You believe that your partner's happiness should lie in being with you, and you only.
We all enter a relationship without unique traits. Some of us enter a relationship with unconditional love to give, some remain the takers, while there are those who look for constant entertainment. These traits surface only when we sense a certain change in the dynamics of a relationship.

So, what kind of a person are you? Are you one of those who cannot live a minute without knowing where your partner is? Do you constantly need to know what your partner is doing? Have you been told that you are too clingy, by your friends and your partner? To clear the doubt, here's something you should try.
Are You Too Clingy in a Relationship? - Take the Quiz
1. If your partner does not answer your calls, you immediately...
  • Assume he/she is busy and try calling back later.
  • Leave a message, wait for sometime, and then call back.
  • Keep calling until the phone is answered.

2. If a guy you've just met shows some interest in you, then...
  • You would let it pass and reciprocate only when you meet him the next time.
  • You would Google him after getting back home, and try finding him on Facebook.
  • You would get his phone number, or add him on Facebook, and send him a message even before you reach home.

3. If your partner has forgotten his/her phone with you, then you...
  • Immediately return it the next day.
  • Get worried about how would you get in touch.
  • Go through all call logs and messages, to see if there is anything brewing.

4. Your idea of being in love is...
  • Sharing quality time over quantity time.
  • Spending every alternate day together.
  • Show of affection no matter where you are.

5. How many times in a day do you call your partner?
  • Once a day to know how his/her day was.
  • Twice a day to wish good morning and good night.
  • Every once in a while to know what he/she is doing.

6. If your partner cancels some plan with you at the last minute because of an emergency, you...
  • Understand the reason and look forward to meeting later.
  • Get a little angry and try to understand the situation.
  • Become really angry and get into an argument.

7. Your partner tells you that he or she has plans with some friends, you...
  • Will miss him or her, but let them go to have fun.
  • Get a little angry and make plans with your friends.
  • Get into a fight and text all night to know exactly what they are up to.

8. You see your partner talking to a friend you've never seen before, you...
  • Do not even notice it, as people can have many friends and acquaintances.
  • Ask him/her who it was, when you're together.
  • Get really mad if it is someone of the opposite sex, and try to butt into the conversation there and then.

9. Every time you meet your partner's friends, you...
  • Be yourself and have fun!
  • You try to know a little about the friend, so that you can put your best foot forward.
  • Try to get every little scoop on your partner from the friend.

10. Your partner has texted you saying "having dinner with family, will text you later", you...
  • Wait for him or her to text back.
  • Give it 30-odd minutes, and call to check if the dinner's over.
  • Drop a text every 15 minutes, to check whether the dinner's over!

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A clingy partner in a relationship isn't necessarily a bad one. Sometimes, people get clingy, as they feel unloved and unwanted. In fact, if the two of you can bridge the communication gap, the clingy person can be the truly caring one. Now that's a deal the two of you can live with!