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What Your Favorite Ice Cream Flavor Says About You

Mukulika Mukherjee Jan 9, 2019
Did you know that your favorite flavor of ice cream can spell out your personality? Well, be prepared to be amused as you learn about the personality type for some common flavors of ice cream.

We Wonder!

When it comes to the most popular flavor of ice cream, vanilla is the clear winner! Well, does that mean most people are idealistic and love to take risks?
Well, we all know ice creams have striking and catchy colors ... the pink from the strawberry, the yellow from the mango, the white from the vanilla ... and the list goes on and on. We all have our own choices and preferences when it comes to our favorite ice cream flavor.

What Your Favorite Ice Cream Flavor Tells About You

Do you know that your pick depicts a lot about your character? The following section will take you through an interesting trip, helping you understand which 'ice cream person' you are.

If You Love Vanilla ...

♥ You are a risk taker
♥ You are emotionally expressive
♥ You are idealistic
You are known to be a colorful and dramatic personality, who banks on intuition while taking risks. You set high goals for yourself in life, and have an idealistic bent of mind. You have the ability to push yourself in order to achieve your goal. If you are in a relationship, you feel secure when your emotional needs are fulfilled.

If You Love Strawberry ...

♥ You are thoughtful
♥ You are logical
♥ You are shy and reserved
You are more of a follower than a leader. You weigh your options before coming to a decision. Although you may not believe in love at first sight, once you are committed to a relationship, you are loyal and furnish support.

If You Love Rainbow Sherbet ...

♥ You are analytic
♥ You are decision maker
♥ You are slightly pessimistic
Rainbow sherbet's bright colors and fruity taste don't match the negative attitude of those who favor this ice cream. However, they use their skills and analyze well before making a decision. And to tell you the truth, no one opts for a sorbet unless he/she is on a diet!

If You Love Chocolate ...

♥ You are creative
♥ You are passionate
♥ You are lively
Apart from being charming and talented, you are expressive and honest in your feelings, sometimes being too honest. You say whatever is on your mind, just like a kid does. Personality-wise, you are seductive and alluring. You are naive who can be easily tricked into something. When you are happy, you really are.

If You Love Mint Chocolate Chip ...

♥ You are ambitious
♥ You are confident
♥ You are honest and loyal
You are a person who accepts the world literally as it is and deals with it. You prepare for your future based on a solid plan. Your stubborn nature may work for business relationships, it could cause disputes in your personal life. It is your honest nature, reliability, and dedication that helps build long-lasting relationships with family and friends.

If You Love Coffee ...

♥ You are lively and dramatic
♥ You are flirtatious
♥ You are an adventure lover

You tend to immerse yourself in whatever you do, because of which you become over-committed. You may even initiate new projects without finishing the old ones. You like excitement and variety, and hence, tend to get bored in dull relationships.

If You Love Rocky Road ...

♥ You are a good listener
♥ You are lively and outgoing
♥ You are sensitive to criticism
You display the right balance of practicality and charm. You are a social person, and when it comes to business, you are determined and pursue set goals. You respond or perform well when motivated. You appreciate finer things in life. You are bossy by nature.

If You Love Butter Pecan ...

♥ You are devoted
♥ You are conscientious
♥ You are a bit conservative
You are extremely caring and conservative in financial matters. You portray unity in all your actions, which includes showing sensitivity towards others' feelings. You never express your emotions freely and openly; however, with a little motivation from friends and family, you share your thoughts.

If You Love Neapolitan ...

♥ You lack firmness
♥ You are childish
♥ You love to be pampered
Favoring this ice cream indicates you are a bit indecisive. Also, you kind of lack maturity, and people around you like to pamper you like a kid.

If You Love Chocolate Chip ...

♥ You are competitive
♥ You are hardworking
♥ You are charming

You believe that no victory is sweet without a little hard work. Although you are competent and ambitious when it comes to work, you are free hearted when it comes to time and money. Your charming personality makes you stand out in the social circle.
Every ice cream flavor represents a fairly distinct personality. So, which ice cream personality are you?