What to Wear to a Funeral

What should you wear to a funeral? This often becomes a situation of dilemma. This article helps you understand the dress code and etiquette to follow during a funeral.
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Funeral is a time when silence alone speaks volumes. Mourning is a very difficult phase for people who have lost their dear ones. One may help them mostly by offering heartfelt condolences, and by maintaining a discretion to let the sufferer emote in a way he can, in such trying times. Besides this, there is one more thing which should be taken into consideration by people who attend a funeral, and it is the way they dress for the occasion. Many people often ponder about what to wear to a funeral. So, here are some funeral dressing tips for both men and women.
Funeral Colors
As is the funeral etiquette, the first thing that comes to your mind is black. Men and women belonging to the family will have to wear black, which is by the tradition. Friends and other acquaintances can wear clothing of subdued or faded colors like gray, light blue, light lavender, or navy blue. Jarring colors are best avoided, as the occasion is to mourn the deceased, and there should not be an instance which hurts the sentiments of the deprived family.
Funeral Attire for Men?
For men, the best choice is a black, dark gray, or navy blue suit. A dark-colored tie, or one with a classic pattern (like stripes) would best complement your suit for the occasion. The shirt can be light-colored, so as to match the attire. Make sure that the socks match the color of shoes, which should be of a darker shade, like dark brown or black. The belt should be of the same color as the shoes. Jackets can be worn, pertaining to cold weather. Watch with a thick, dark leather band is the only accessory item to be worn.

Never wear shorts, casual dresses (like jeans), and sandals for a funeral, as it totally disrespects the feelings of the family in mourning. If you have a hat, leave it in the car, or remove it and hold in your hand until the funeral service is over. Most importantly, make sure that your attire is well-washed and ironed before being worn.
Man Attending Funeral
Man Attending Funeral
Funeral Dress Code for Women
A decent dress code that includes comfortably fitting, dark, covered clothing is best suited for a woman. Never wear a low-cut or a tight-fitting outfit, which can evoke resentment in the atmosphere, and embarrass you. Such outfits are absolutely contemptuous for the occasion. The best option is to wear dress pants with a nice top of a subdued color. A knee-length black dress (preferably longer), with the shoulders covered, may also be suitable for the occasion. If you are planning to wear any jewelry, limit your options. A string of pearls will best match your dark or fade-colored outfit. Even other accessories like handbags and shoes should be simple. Make sure that your shoes do not expose your toes.

Keep in mind that your outfit must be washed, cleaned, and ironed. It should not have any stains. If you are adorning a jacket, see to it, that it is of the same color as that of your skirt. Colors like black, navy blue, and dark gray are best suited for such occasions.
Woman in Formal Dress Placing Rose
Woman in Formal Dress Placing Rose
Woman in Black Dress with Rose
Woman in Black Dress with Rose
What to Wear to a Jewish Funeral?
Head coverings are a must while attending a Jewish funeral, especially if it is an orthodox Jewish funeral service. They are a part of the Jewish funeral etiquette. As per their death rituals and traditions, men may wear yarmulkes, while women may wear head scarfs. The most appropriate garb would be black or dark-colored. Limit use of jewelry and eye-catching handbags or shoes. For men, the shoes, coat, and belt should be black. Women must wear a decent attire which covers their shoulders well, and is longer than the knee. Again, the shoes worn, should not expose the toes. In a Jewish funeral, it is not recommended to bring funeral flowers. Also, do not greet the mourners as soon as you come. If you want to make the person know that you are there to comfort him, write your feelings out in the guest book.
A funeral is a time, when the best condolence is through a proper funeral attire. On that particular day, no amount of words can console the family of the deceased, no matter what.