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Want to Win Over Your Boyfriend's Parents? Try These Amazing Ways

Mukta Gaikwad Apr 17, 2019
Meeting your boyfriend's parents for the first time can be an anxious moment. For some, it can seem worse than appearing for an exam or a job interview. However, you can leave all your worries aside and find your calm and composure with these ways to win over your boyfriend's parents.
Always obey your parents, when they are present.
~ Mark Twain
For some, meeting your boyfriend's parents for the first time can be a milestone in a relationship. It a sign that your boyfriend is serious about you, and he respects you enough to allow you to get to know his family.
As nerve-wracking as it may seem, the bold step deserves a good performance and a serious effort from your side. They say, first impression is the last impression, or the lasting impression. Thus, it is important that you make a solid impression and score a few brownie points.
There are just a few simple tips to win over your boyfriend's parents in the first meet. Besides the initial pleasantries, you will have to be a little proactive in making conversations and keeping the parents engaged.

You do not have to go out of your way to impress them. The trick is to maintain originality and be open to new ideas that would flow in.

Be Polite

You are already at an advantage, since your boyfriend wants you to meet them, he has already given his parents a good description of you. Double this advantage with the perfect polite behavior.
A lady always adds to her beauty with her ladylike conduct and respectful demeanor. For instance, if you are meeting your beau's parent's at home, offer help in the kitchen or while serving. Take a small gift for the family to express gratitude for inviting you over. These small gestures speak volumes about a person's thoughtfulness.
Steer clear from asking too personal questions or probing into family history. Keep the conversations light and playful. While you are with your boyfriend's family, avoid chiding him, calling him names, or overt PDA. This can put off his parents instantaneously.

Avoid Over-friendliness

As a general rule of thumb, it is best to avoid over-friendliness with anyone the first time you meet them. The obvious reason for this is, you cannot trust how they might be in a matter of few hours. The same applies to this situation. Avoid getting chummy with your boyfriend's parents.
You might be tempted to jump the gun and reach a point of a comfortably enjoyable relationship with his parents. However, true temperaments take their own sweet time to show up. So, play it slow while trying to win over his parents.
For instance, some parents are fine if they are called by their first name or sharing material things such as a car, jewelry, and so on. Find out how they'd like to be addressed or what are they expecting in return when sharing things with you. It is important to keep in mind that no matter what, you will remain a third-party to them for a long time to come.

Dress Well

Loud and garish clothes, clothes that reveal too much, skin tight attires, very low-waist jeans, or transparent clothes are a strict no-no. There are two reasons why you must stay away from this kind of get-up while trying to win over his parents.
✦ These clothes will make you extremely self-conscious, shadowing your self-confidence.
✦ They are plainly unnecessary for the occasion.

Complement what you wear with subtle natural make-up, as opposed to bright-make up. Remember to dress to reveal your confidence and character, and not to mask it.

Be Observant

Keen observation tells you those little details about people, that are often missed by the naked eye. So, be the diligent observer in conversations. Make mental notes of things they like to do, activities they enjoy, their individual likes, dislikes, and so on.
These subtle clues will help you establish your own equation with them, independent of their son. Pay careful attention to their relations with each other. For instance, favorite child (if they have more than one child), who is your boyfriend closer to, mom or dad, a relative they maintain a distance from, and such other observations.


A word of appreciation is treasured more than a word of suggestion. Appreciate the way your boyfriend's mother has done up the house, its interior decor, the garden, her cooking skills, his father's music collection, the bar, his professional and personal achievements, and other such things that mean the world to them.
This goes a long way in winning them over to your side. Praising your boyfriend in front of his parents will truly bring a joyous and a heartfelt tear to their eyes. This gesture translates into their own achievement of raising a wonderful person.

Choose Your Words Carefully

There might be a fat chance that your boyfriend's parents are liberal in thought and sentiment. They might also be accepting of your outgoing ways. However, dishing out too much of information about yourself can end up being ammunition in their arsenal.
Be careful of what you say, especially your judgments about their family, your office politics, your friends, and most importantly your family. Maintain the distance, so there are lesser chances of any friction and bigger chances of hearts growing fonder.
To keep your new-found relationship with your beau's parents going, make plans to do things together. Make an offer to go out shopping, for picnics, movies, or dinner. Take a few inputs from your boyfriend about the things his parents would like to do. Doing things for them such as a few domestic chores will definitely help you win his parents to your side.