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Ways to Tell if Someone is Lying - Identifying the Signs

Reshma Jirage Nov 18, 2018
Sometimes, you suspect that the person you are talking with is lying. But, how will you come to know about it? There are certain ways by which you can understand the truth.
In romance, business and politics, it's very essential to identify the difference between the truth and the lie. In actuality, it's very difficult to know if someone is lying. Some people lie very easily as if they are telling the truth. However, you should be able to perceive that there's something fishy. Otherwise, you would be easily cheated by anyone.
The problem is that how will you come to know about it? There are some vital ways to catch a lie. You need to observe the body language of the person. Signs such as nervousness, looking away, excessive blinking or fidgeting with hands indicate that the person is lying.

Methods and Indications

Knowledge of body language is very important to understand that someone is lying. Here are some signs that help you know about it.
☛ You will notice that the person avoids the eye contact. His eyes may be more frequently blinking or moving around the room. This indicates uncomfortable mental condition of a person.
☛ The person is quite confused while talking. When he is lying, he is thinking about the excuses at the same time. It distracts his attention from the conversation.
☛ A liar often speaks very fast or in small phrases. He tries to get rid of the situation as early as possible.
☛ If you carefully observe his/her body language, you will notice that it is like a form of self-protection. The person tries to defend himself through certain actions such as stepping back, crossing arms, or tightening the knuckles.
☛ He pretends to be confused throughout the conversation. He creates the confusions, so that he can hear the views of an innocent person and agree to them.
☛ Sometimes, the liar shows contradictory behavior. He wants to say 'no', but nods 'yes'. It is a type of subconscious movement.
☛ Excessive laughter or friendliness can be an important sign of lying. The liar wants to pretend that he/she is your true friend, so that you will start believing him/her.
☛ Generally, the liar is not prepared about telling the lies. When he tells a lie about something, it is not pre-planned. Hence, if you ask some questions about its details, then he would not be able to answer you properly. Instead, he would be quite confused and lose the consistency in the conversation.
☛ It is also observed that, when a person tells a lie, he tends to give unnecessary explanation. He gives too many details about the situation.
☛ The best way to improve your ability to understand the truth is to listen very carefully. If you pay good attention to what the person is talking, then you can easily pinpoint the inconsistency in his/her speech.
☛ When the liar understands that the listener has come to know about his lies, he immediately gets irritated. The same happens in case of telephonic conversation; he tends to cut off the conversation or quickly changes the topic.
By knowing these signs, you can easily understand if someone is lying and protect yourself from being cheated.