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8 Clever Ways to Deal With Frenemies That are Too Good to Miss

Rujuta Patil Nov 25, 2018
They say keep your friends close and enemies closer. But how do you deal with frenemies? These are those backstabbers, who otherwise appear very friendly and trustworthy in person, but do not care one cent for you in reality.

Let Learning Be the Real Friend

We usually keep reflecting on what happens to us, what all goes on in our lives, or we think for each day gone by.
A reflection where, whose fault it was does not matter, but the learning about our own self does. This is a good habit that makes us so much stronger to handle the ups and downs that come our way everyday.

Decline All Frenemy Invites

If your 'frenemy' invites you to a party, decline the invitation to convey that all's not well between the two of you.
On the contrary, if you go to the party, he would assume everything is fine. Either he will realize, or you can speak up about why you don't feel good with him.

Play it Sarcastically with Frenemies

You know it is your friend after all. Before anyone is hurt, make your frenemy aware, in a sarcastic way, that his act of backstabbing would not go down well. If he does not get it, or pretends to, you can always express your anguish.

Ignorance is Bliss

When your frenemy is talking about you behind your back, and even she has said the worst possible things about you, ignorance can be a great way to prove that you cannot be provoked.
However, if you think it has gone too far, confront her directly and say that you won't tolerate it. But, be careful. Remember that it can get nasty.

Talk it Out with the Frenemy

Be suggestive, to begin with, but tell the frenemy that her behavior is hurtful. She will most likely act surprised, or may even get angry at you.
If she has been doing that to everyone, which is very much possible, then you need not worry. Don't be guilty, even if the relationship suffers a little. Especially, when it is a bond for the long-run, honesty comes first.

Got a Frenemy at Work?

If you have a colleague-turned-frenemy, partly because of the competitive aspect of work, try to look at it from an impersonal point of view.
Be confident about your role in the team, and keep going as you would have otherwise. Don't let the frenemy's behavior influence or threaten you in any way. Ensure harmony in your attitude towards everyone at the workplace, and be at peace.

If You can't Avoid It, Manipulate It

Don't hate the player, hate the game. If it is someone at your workplace, or a friend's friend, or someone you just cannot avoid, lay down some rules.
Be as formal as you can, talk minimal, keep your Aces hidden. Understand that her behavior has nothing to do with you in person. And most importantly, control your responses and behavior.

Let Go, You'll Find Others

It is quite difficult when the frenemy is your close friend. Still, if you have heard her say bad things about you, or seen her do something secretly, it is time you review your relationship.
You might have realized this enmity after a good five years, but if you are not happy when you are around this person, it is not worth all the pain. So, let go.