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Unique Conversation Starters to Get Along Easily With People

Bhakti Satalkar Nov 4, 2018
Whenever you meet a stranger, more often than not, you are at a loss of words. You would want to use some unique conversation starters, but they do not come easily to you. Fret not! This write up is an aid for people like you and also for people, who are otherwise very good at striking conversations.
Communication is something that comes naturally for many, but there are a few that fumble and are a loss of words when they meet new people. To avoid awkward moments, it is best to have an open ended discussion, where both parties are involved in asking questions, rather than just using random and cheesy pick-up lines.
When one is on a date, apart from the smooth flowing conversation, confidence and presence of mind are two elements that are most needed. Holding someones interest on the subject that you are talking about needs good communication skills like eye contact, gestures, a charming smile, and an easy-to-get-along-with attitude.
Here are some good conversation starters that you can use with someone who you have just met.

With a Girl

When talking to members of the fairer sex, it is not at all cool to use cheesy pick-up lines, as they usually give off the worst impression. Talk to a girl normally, like you would with a friend.
Be confident in your approach, and give compliments wherever necessary. Don't flatter her too much, as she may end up questioning your intentions. Always be subtle and classy when talking to her, and choose topics that will help move your discussion forward.
Ask about her likes, dislikes (if any), favorite movie star, or author. The communication between the two of you should always be free flowing and fun, completely devoid of awkward silences.
Here are some questions that can help you:
  • What's your idea of a vacation?
  • Which is your favorite book?
  • The name of your favorite star is?
  • What did you wear for a Halloween party last year?
  • Which was your happiest moment?

With a Guy

Guys like girls who can hold their own during a talk, especially when it turns into a heated discussion. So be confident in your viewpoints and knowledge about a particular subject.
Keeping an open ended discussion is the best way to impress someone who you have recently met. If you want, you can give him a few genuine compliments, but do not overdo it. If you are the shy type, and you really like him, then you can resort to asking some basic questions.
Always remember that no question is a clich├ęd one if you are trying to get to know someone better. Take a look at some examples as reference:
  • Who according to you is the best sportsman?
  • Which is your favorite sport?
  • How was your day at work?
  • Are you into adventure sports?
  • Which are the places where you have worked? How was the experience?

Over the Phone

Talking to someone who you hardly know over the phone is not as easy as you think it to be. If you are still in the text messaging phase, then remember to keep the talks decent, and understandable.
Do not use too many short forms as it may confuse the person on the other end. If you have crossed the messaging phase, and are calling each other daily, you still need to maintain the same amount of decency.
Read up on telephone etiquette and alter them a bit before applying it during your call, as you would not want to sound too formal, or too casual. Ask questions so that the exchange between the two of you is free flowing and jovial.
Here are some examples:
  • Which is your favorite cuisine/restaurant?
  • I plan to go shopping, which color do you think suits me better?
  • What's up with you now?
  • Talk about the latest happening?
  • Hoping to catch you tomorrow over coffee...

For Couples

Striking up a conversation, especially when there is tension between the couple is tough. Therefore, always sense the mood, before starting a topic of discussion.
If you have been fighting, then try to lighten up the mood by talking on general topics. Crack some jokes or just ask him/her something funny.
Some of these questions may help you:
  • Which is one wish you would want to ask God for?
  • What is the first thought, that comes to your mind, when you hear my name?
  • When do you feel you are loved the most?
  • Which was the most romantic moment, that you have spent with me?
  • What is the first memory you have of me?
Jokes are the best way to strike up a conversation with someone, but remember to gauge the mood and situation, so that you do not make a bad impression. Always be yourself when talking to someone. Some people practice in front of the mirror so that they get the confidence to talk to new people.
Don't stress too much and do not start blabbering if you feel that the confabulation is getting boring, instead just switch the topic.