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14 Types of Annoying Neighbors You Would Never Want to Have

Tanaya Navalkar Apr 19, 2019
We always want someone whom we can trust and can always count on in times of need. But what happens when some annoying bunch of neighbors move next door? Let us see some types of annoying neighbors whom you need to watch out for.
"A bad neighbor is a misfortune, as much as a good one is a great blessing."
- Hesiod
Man is a social animal, therefore, we like having people around us. We all have neighbors, be it a house you are living in, apartment, or even a dormitory. Some are so good that you feel lucky to have such wonderful people around you, while others are simply annoying.
When it comes to neighbors, you seek people who you can rely on, and can depend upon at any given time of the day; someone you can trust if you leave your extra pair of house keys with them, someone who can keep a watch on your place when you're out of town, etc.
However, sometimes, it can be frustrating, living next to some crazy and pesky neighbors. Some of their habits can make your life really uncomfortable. And unfortunately, you can't hide or run away from them, unless you are living in a rented apartment. Here's a list of the different kinds of neighbors you may be living next to, or you may want to avoid.

Annoying Neighbors that You Should Avoid

The Spying Neighbor

This neighbor is always looking out for what's going on in the neighborhood. You'll find this nosy neighbor usually peeping from behind a curtain or a fence, and watching your every move like an FBI agent on duty.
They will know everything about everyone, more than they know about themselves. This is usually the person who has a LOT of free time in his hands. The next time you bump into them, they're sure to ask you about the stuff they overheard, which you know you DID NOT tell them at all.

The Super Sweet Neighbor

Friendly neighbors are considered as a blessing anytime, but overly friendly neighbors can seem annoying after some time. Although they might not mean or do any harm to you, their super sweet nature can drive you crazy at times.
Showering you with gifts for no reason, stopping by every time they see you outside, and being overly concerned with your health and life can surely make you want to run 10 miles away from them. They love to tell you each and everything that goes on in their lives.

The Bullies

This type of neighbor simply loves to annoy and dominate you with their ways. They believe that it's their way or the highway, and won't hesitate in enforcing the rules on other people nearby.
They will do anything they want, but will have a problem if anybody else comes in their way. They will repeatedly pick fights with you for the smallest of things, and also make you do their work.

The Noisy Neighbor

This type of neighbor is the one we all have come across at least once in our lives. The cranky and noisy kids too feature in this type.
Loud conversations, music systems turned up too loud, drilling machines, and house parties, are just some of the things that this neighbor usually does. We can handle a little noise every now and then, but when it starts happening at odd hours like 2 in the morning, you feel like calling the cops for some relief and peace.

The Party Animal

You won't mind this type of neighbor, only if you too are a party animal. For this neighbor, every night is a Saturday night. You'll easily recognize them by the loud music and a constant stream of visitors coming and going.
To make it worse, is their bad taste of songs, which they play on repeat for three hours straight, and them trying to be the next popular singer in line. This is mostly a problem for those who stay in apartments, especially if there are paper-thin walls in between.

The Gossip Monger

This common type of neighbor is found in every neighborhood. Having a friendly conversation about something is tolerable, until they start gossiping about the love affairs between other two neighbors, or who is doing what in their life.
This gossiper spreads news faster than the speed of light, with little or no truth at all. They also pretend to be your best friend, but are on the lookout for their next news. May be they can try their hands at some news channel !

The Loud Fighters

These neighbors usually love to fight out loud, so much so that all the people nearby know what the cause of their fights are.
They just don't seem to understand the meaning of privacy, and that personal family matters should only be kept with themselves and are not meant to be shared with the whole world.

The Musicians

The people trying to find their 'voice' fall in this category, who most of the time are new learners or wannabes who simply follow the crowd. There's nothing more torturous than listening to bad singing or a song being played over and over again.
It's a good thing that they want to improve, but that means more torture for you. You come back home tired after a long day at work, thinking that you'll get a good night's sleep, and there goes the first beat of their drums at 11:00 in the night.

The Always-borrowing Neighbor

This neighbor, at first, may seem very kind and harmless. But one fine day, you'll see them at your doorstep, and they'll innocently ask you for something. And you being a good neighbor, give them whatever they need.
This makes them think that they can borrow anything and everything that they want, and many times will take away stuff without even asking. The worse part arrives when they return the stuff damaged, or don't return things at all.

The Psycho Neighbor

These types of neighbors keep to themselves. Always. The window blinds are always closed, and you never really get to see them, until you catch them staring at your window from the small gap between their curtains. Their homes always give a haunted feeling, with overgrown trees and weeds around.
Once in a blue moon, when you see them outside and greet them, they will never respond to you, but instead give you a silent, cold stare. You hardly see anybody coming or going from their place.

The Unpredictable Neighbor

The mood swings of this type of neighbor, will leave you all confused. One minute they will seem pleasant and will have a good laugh with you, and the next moment their evil version comes out of nowhere. You never really come to know how to react, because you can't judge whether they will be happy or become rude and abusive.

The Self-inviting Neighbor

Another type is the one who always turn up at your door unexpectedly, and invite themselves in for a drink or snack. They never get the hint that you are busy and not in a mood to socialize. They stay in for hours, and sometimes even the whole day. All you can do is to pretend that you are out and not answer the door at all.

The Mess Maker

This neighbor should be avoided always. They will make the whole area unpleasant with garbage and other stuff all over the place, and will also make the property value decrease in the entire neighborhood. All the junk from their homes piles on their yards, with it slowly coming over to yours too. You'll find rodents and rotten food inside their homes.

The Exotic Pet Lover

Imagine yourself waking up next to a python one day. Yep, now you know what we are talking about here. Most of us love animals, but when the neighbor's dog keeps barking till five in the morning, you know something needs to be done really soon.
Neighbors having cats are equally annoying, with these little furballs purring every few minutes. Some neighbors even keep dangerous animals as pets, and let them loose, causing trouble in the whole of the neighborhood.
And this is exactly what an apartment scene may look like if you happen to be living in one, surrounded by weird neighbors!
So, these were some common set of neighbors that can be seen in every neighborhood. Hope you end up with some good ones, but in case you do end up with some annoying ones, know the right way of dealing with them, so that you won't face any problems in the future.
"Love thy neighbor, yet don't pull down your hedge."
- Benjamin Franklin