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A Perfect Outline for Writing a Memorable Tribute Speech

Mukta Gaikwad Nov 4, 2018
Writing a tribute speech is no easy task. It takes a lot of research, insight, and a structured outline to write a speech that will hold your audience to your every spoken word. Here's an outline for a tribute speech that you can use.
A tribute is a testimony, stating achievements about the subject in question. Following this, a tribute speech is one that commemorates the subject's contribution in a certain field. It is written to honor accomplishments and appreciate the efforts a certain person. A speech of such importance, has to be written with absolute care and correctness.
To write an impact making speech, one needs to adhere guidelines. So, here are a few guidelines to help you draft the speech in a persuasive manner, which will hold the audience's interest till the last word.

Outline for Tribute Speech

Subject Matters

The first step of writing a tribute speech is identifying the subject. Make a note of your subject. A subject can be a person, a firm, or an institution. It may have a historical importance or can be of a contemporary importance. Note the reasons that make your subject famous. This will help you establish a basis for your tribute speech topic.
For making the speech impactful, make a note of the general sentiments surrounding the subject. This will help you, as a writer, connect with the audience from the first line itself.

What's the Occasion

Always keep in mind the occasion at which you will be making the speech. If the event is supposed to be a jovial one, then keep your speech short and just highlight the important points. However, if the event is one that demands a long detailed speech, then go ahead and use your refined writing style to make a tribute.
If the subject makes the audience happy then a longer speech is alright. If it is a heart wrenching matter, keep the length of your speech short. Gauging the mood of the listeners is a crucial part of giving a speech. A small misjudgment can cause an irreversible mob mentality. Know what the occasion is and be sure about what is expected from the speech.

Holding the Audience

A good speech is one, that is quoted and referred to, even after ages. So, to write a speech as such, touch the audience's nerve with your words. Talking about general sentiments and the ones that would trigger the heartfelt emotions of your audience, will make your tribute speech a memorable one.
Study the subject matter in detail to bring out its nature and its impact on society, and script a speech that moves the sentiments and thoughts of your audience. The point here is, homework is important, no matter how old you get!

Informative Description

The body of the speech has to be drafted intelligently. It cannot be too long and nor a crude summary. A tribute has to do complete justice to the stature of the subject's life and achievements. Make a note of the achievements, the struggles, and how they were dealt with, plans for the future (if any) and reflection of the past in an awe-inspiring way.
Research on aspects that has made your subject stand out, the one reason that makes your subject worth a tribute.
Delve into important life changing incidents, virtues, strengths, weaknesses, pitfalls and the endeavors to overcome the same, of your subject to make a speech that is truly moving. If your subject is a person, then talk about his/her compassion, courageousness, kindness, and ambitious nature.
Do not exaggerate about your subject at any point. This can be embarrassing and an educated crowd will see right through this facade. Keep it simple, informative, and sincere.
Lastly, conclude your speech with an honest note of thanks. Show your heartfelt gratitude towards the subject for teaching you a lesson in life, that no textbook could teach. Hope this tribute speech outline helps you write an unforgettable speech.