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7 Handy Tips to Strike a Balance Between New and Old Friendships

Tips To Balance New And Old Friendships
It's always challenging to strike a balance between friends who have stepped into your life recently and those who have grown up (or grown wiser) with you. But you should realize that more than old or new, they are all your 'friends' first, and that makes maintaining friendships a lot more endearing rather than stressful.
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Last Updated: Apr 9, 2018
(Really) Keep In Touch
how to balance old and new friendship
Have you been in regular touch with your old buddies? Or do you often forget to make that phone call, text, or note while hanging out with your new friends? If these old ties have loosened with the passage of time, it is time to renew them. Make that call, gather all ye old buddies and share meals and laughs and sorrows with them again. You will appreciate your new friendships even more when you see you can keep friendships for almost all your life. Feel blessed, and rightly so!
Keep The Friendship New
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When you plan that long due meet up with old friends, think of something new - show them the new hobby you are pursuing with your new friends, talk of the latest movie you saw with them or discuss things you are experiencing now in life. As they know you for a long time, they might give deeper observations about all these things. Interestingly, if you flip the situation by talking of older experiences to new friends, you are likely to get fresh perspectives to them. Keep them all in the loop.
The Friends' Mix
Happy New Year!
If both old and new friends don't seem averse to the idea, it will be a great to introduce them to each other! In the best-case scenario, they may get along superbly well and you will never have to split your time between one group/ individual and the other!

What fun that would be!
Make It One Big Party!
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After successfully fusing your old and new friendships, you can do a lot of fun things together - planning night-outs, concerts and dinners are just the beginning. But you can also think bigger and arrange activities which feature the majority's common interests like cycling trips, volunteering for a cause or even dance classes!

Nothing binds us better than happy memories shared together. Create many of them with each other.
Space Out Your Time
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Even if you can't get all the old lot and the newbies together, fret not. With a little help and understanding of them all, you can divide your time between all of them by planning exclusive activities. Go hiking with one group or friend and to the plays with another. Show them you like being with each of them by giving your most valuable entity equally - your time.
Each Friend Worth A Million
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Know that every friend is worth the other, and they are all indispensable. Remember the time when you went to college or your workplace for the first time, and your new friend came up to talk to you on their own? Or the moment when only your lifelong best friend could console you? Or the countless times when one of them have made you laugh, dare to dream, or even taught something new? Acknowledging their worth and expressing your gratitude in subtle ways will keep your friendships going.
Hold On
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Sometimes, it may seem that the world is changing faster than you can catch up, or that the weekends pass by in a minute, and you can't always give time to your friends. But don't let this discourage you from making time whenever you can hold on to all of them. Never think it's too late to pick up from where you left.

After all, in this crazy, ever-changing world, friendships - whether old or new - are what keep us true to ourselves.