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10 Things You Should NEVER Say to Women Who Don't Want Kids

Amita Ray Mar 20, 2019
Sometimes, it really seems that the sole purpose of a woman is to produce kids and raise them. But there are many women who choose to break the norm and live child-less. Unfortunately, there are not a lot of people who can comprehend this very well. Here are a few examples.

Stats Say

According to the U.S. Census Bureau's population survey of 2014 47.6% women never had children, while in 1976, 35% women did not have children.
We live a life that has these sort of benchmarks or checkpoints that require us to do a particular thing in a set time frame, like go to college after high school, find a job and get your career going in your early twenties.
Find someone and settle down in your late twenties, have kids and raise them for the rest of your youth, and finally retire to enjoy a peaceful and quite life. It is a sort of norm that we've built for ourselves. Anything else, other than this, is considered as unusual or in more apt words, abnormal.
Everyone is either curious to know why they've made their choices or are trying to break them down to fit the conventional norms. A woman desiring to start a family and having children is a given, they cannot imagine why would a woman not want a baby. This is for overly curious cats, that certain things you never say to a woman who doesn't want kids.

Who is going to give us grandkids?

Definitely not her! Having a kid is a huge life-altering event, expecting your daughter to make a commitment like this is so not fair. Of course she loves you, and will always be grateful for everything that you did for her, even if she doesn't say it. But emotionally blackmailing her into getting into something is just not going to help.

Your love will never truly blossom without kids.

OK, a comment like this is bound get you a smack. Whether or not a couple have a kid together, doesn't really depict how much they love each other. The couple in Disney's animation Up didn't have a kid, and yet everyone seems to want to have a love story like them, that ought to say something!

Kids give your life a meaning.

Having a kid is a personal choice. Some people find the meaning of their whole life in the little life created, but for some it is something else. At the end of the day, the only thing that gives a meaning to our lives is our love and passion for something.

How will you find someone who'd want to be with you?

Well, life might not always be about procreation. There are many people out there who don't want kids, we're sure these ladies would find someone who's just perfect for them. Besides, isn't it wrong to change who you are or what you believe in, just to find love? When the time is right, love will always find a way.

You'll change your mind once you get old.

The decision to not have kids for a woman comes after a lot of thought and deliberation. Chances are, she might never change her mind on something like that, and even if she does, it's none of your business.

It helps a marriage last longer.

Maybe this is true, people might be a bit more precocious when they have kids. But when two people are bound in something meaningful, both would make sure that ending it would be the last option. In our opinion, the only reason two people should be together is because they want to, and not because they have to for the sake of someone else.

You're never a complete woman without kids.

The choice to bear a child or not is every woman's right. Just because she doesn't want a child doesn't make her any less of a woman. If people truly believe in a statement like this, they support the notion that a woman is put on this earth only to give birth, but a woman is much more than that.

You don't know what true love is without kids.

One sentence like this can belittle all meaningful relationships she's had in her life, be it her parents, her best friends, or the love of her life. Agreed, the child loves you unconditionally for the first few years, but wait till the child hits the terrible teens, and then, the case might not just be the same.

Who will take care you when you're old

To raise your kids with the expectation that they'll cater to all your needs in old age might lead you to a heartbreak. We're not saying they won't, but there might be a good chance that they won't be able to. You're probably gonna end up in the same place, and just may be with the money they saved from not having kids could help them get a more lavish home.

Why don't you want kids?

First of all, bringing a child to this world is a big commitment, that changes everything in your world, right from the car you drive to the way you think. Gone are the carefree days where you're winging it. With a kid, everything needs to be planned. It is a huge physical, mental, emotional, and economical engagement that not everyone is willing to make.