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17 Things You Should Never Say To Your Teacher

Amita Ray Nov 5, 2018
Honesty is not always the best policy; sometimes being diplomatic helps. But most of the time, keeping your mouth shut could work equally well, which brings us to the things you should not be telling your teacher.

Say it Differently!

Instead of asking whether an assignment counts, ask what percent of the grade does the assignment constitute for.

Instead of asking whether you will be tested on a particular section, show your teacher your notes and inquire if you have missed out on anything.
High school can be a difficult and weird time. You're on a journey to figure out yourself, your body is changing, and schoolwork is not getting any easier―desperate to find a way to "fit in". As an adolescent with all the raging hormones, some rebellion or an occasional mild outburst is not only common, but rather expected.
There are some things that you need to keep a check on, one of them being what comes out of your mouth. Just to prevent yourself from inviting more trouble.

Especially if you land up saying something really wrong to a teacher! If you are unlucky, this could mean a lot of unnecessary scrutiny. A few things you should never say to your teachers or professors.

Does this assignment count?

Of course not! When has any of work ever mattered?! This assignment is just how your teacher would like to spend his or her weekend, just a teeny memory of you while you're away.

How can you decide my grade if you chose to wear that!

Well, after asking teens to pull up their pants and take off their hats in class, could you expect anything better? If you really don't want an F on that essay you wrote, it's best to keep your mouth shut.

I read this book for a class last year.

Kudos! You getting a free brownie point, take it. It'll be best if you don't go about announcing it unless you want all the questions directed toward you. Just keep your mouth shut and let everyone think you're smart.

Why do you give us so much homework?

Misery loves company, you make her miserable, she'll be obliged to do the same. If you think you have a lot of homework now, try saying this to him/her.

Will you let us out early?

No, no, and no. You're the only entertainment they have around here, they can't leave you so soon. What would they do while you're gone? Grade the papers perhaps, but what are weekends for. Your class is going to love you if you ever manage to utter this to your teacher, because that will ensure that he/she detains you for some extra time.

Can you make your class more fun?

Ya, say that, and make every class just unbearable. Sounds fun, doesn't it? If that doesn't suffice, who knows, you might just get to be your teacher's go-to guy for every question yay.

Is this really important?

We agree dogs chasing their farts video and sending photos of a koala bear in a tutu do take up a lot of your time. But do yourselves a favor, learn something in class, who knows, someday it might help you get a decent job.

I could teach this.

Try it and we promise, you will be teaching it to the whole class, and answering any questions that students or the teacher may have, while he/she can just kick back and enjoy the mini vacation. If you're lucky enough, you might win a trip to the Principal's office.

Could you lend me a pencil?

Ask anyone else for a pencil, pen, or a calculator, just not a teacher, unless there's a really good reason behind it and not just because you forgot or lost it on your way to the class.

You gave my friend more points for the same project.

Eh... How is it that both of you have exactly the same work (unless it was a group project)?! May be you are given less points for the lack of individuality! Besides, accusing your teacher of nepotism can be something very serious. How about rephrasing that something like "where could I improve?", it would do you good.

Is this going to be on the test?

A teacher puts in a lot of efforts to prepare for a class, to determine what would be beneficial for the students. When you say something like this, it implies to the teacher that you're only interested in studying the material for the upcoming test. Besides, even if it isn't, do you really think your teacher is going to tell you that?

Those who can't do, teach.

Please have mercy on yourself and do not utter these words ever, or else be ready to face your inevitable doom!
If you're into music, here are a few things that you need to avoid uttering before your music teacher, unless you intent to play the tambourines with your head.

What do you do for work, do you have a real job?

While some of them might be struggling to make ends meet, but believe it or not, this is their real job, for most of them at least.

I really want to play the guitar, but my father told me to play the piano.

Well then, perhaps your father should be sitting for that class instead of you.

I can't believe how little I have improved in all that time.

You need to be actually physically present and practice to improve.

I forgot my instrument.

Ah! But you've managed to come for the class, what about your phone do you have it with you? Oh, haven't you forgotten to wear your pants either.

Do I have to practice?

Of course not! Everyone is just trying to make you miserable before the song fairy comes and blesses you with talent.
All the ideas shared here are only for fun and there is surely no intention to hurt or offend anybody.