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Things You Should Never Say to People

multazim shaikh Sep 4, 2019
There are a lot of things which you should be cautious enough of not talking about, when in a group or in public. You should respect the feelings of others and also take care of them.

Life Is Not Fair

This can be understood by adults. Everyone has difficulties in life and all of us face bad times. However, focusing on those things only and sharing such incidents with people repeatedly will not solve the problem. Try to improve situations and give them a positive turn.

It Does Not Matter to Me

There are moments in your life, when your friend might ask for a suggestion and while answering or giving a feedback, you might say 'It does not matter to me'. This statement shows you are not helping whole-heartedly and you might appear least interested.

Give up

Quitting is not the solution. There is no point showing your weakness to others. The reason you are not getting something the way you want, is because you have not put your full potential. You are much more capable than you think. Nothing is impossible, but then it takes time and you must have patience.

You Don’t Look Sad

You cannot read the mind of a person. A sad and depressed person cannot easily express his emotions. Sometimes, he may appear normal as he would not know how to respond to all that happening around him. Reading some inspiring quotes in such conditions, can boost one's mood and bring positivity to some extent.

It Was Your Fault

This can happen with anyone - your kids, friends, etc. Never tell them 'It was your fault'. Even if you know the truth, they might need your support. You need to take care of them, try to convey things in a positive way so that they realize their mistake without getting hurt.