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11 Awfully Irritating Things You Should Never Say to a Fat Person

Sonal Dharmadhikari Apr 23, 2019
Weight is not the woe of a fat person - insensitive people are. Many a people say disrespecting things to a fat person in an offhand way, and do not realize the hurt they cause. If you are defining a person only by their body image, then now is the time to STOP.

You've Lost Weight (When They Haven't)

Whether you want to make them feel better or otherwise, just avoid saying this, because, frankly, it won't make them feel better. A fat person may be thinking or not about their weight at that moment, and your so-called compliment will only make them revisit their preoccupation.

Also, it might come across as fake. Good reason enough to avoid those words?

You're Not Fat

People have a habit of saying "you don't look fat to me" to their fat kith and kin, whereas the fat people themselves know what their body type is(!) It isn't a comfort to listen to a myth. It is more comforting to hear, "however you are, it doesn't matter". Because it really doesn't.

Your Face Is So Pretty

Consolation after consolation is offered to a fat person, especially a girl. Telling her she has a pretty face may lead her to think that her body obviously isn't (beautiful). Even if the fat girl may like the compliment, think to yourself - do you have nothing else to compliment about her? Worth a thought.

Do You Really Want To Eat That (Cookie, Chocolate Bar, Burger and Everything Else in the Universe)?

Mmmm... no, they don't want it and STILL are eating it, aren't they? This particularly snarky way of watching someone's food intake can be super hurtful. If you are so hellbent on making them eat healthy/non-fattening food, just offer them something else or simply suggest an alternative. Isn't that an easier, and heck more respectful way to do it?

If Only You Lost Weight, You'd Look Beautiful/Ravishing/Hot (Basically, Better)

Are you looking for a "if only you'd use your brain, you'd not look like a fool" comeback? Perceptions of beauty are varied so don't attach a certain body type to a non-existent 'standard' definition of beauty.

Do You Have The Energy For It?

It is a popular misconception that ALL fat people are low on energy to do strenuous exercise or tasks. It also depends upon the root cause of their fatness whether they are energetic or not as a person. Wouldn't you have to pick your jaw up from the floor when that fat guy runs the fastest or that fat girl dances awesomely well? You bet.

You Are In A Relationship? *Surprised Expression*

Yes, because a strong emotional connect and shared passions are still the most basic things needed in a commitment. And love triumphs over body image issues any day.

Have You Tried That Gym/Fad Diet?

"Have you switched over to salads yet?" is a much-asked question to fat people today. Almost every day, there's a miracle diet or a gym whose pamphlets scream of express weight loss programs. With so much hammering from all the media around them, give fat people a rest already, and stop asking them to try this or that and eat less or not eat at all.

You Really Carry Yourself Well (For That Size, That Is)

That's right, when all other compliments seem unsuitable, turn to 'personality'. Most people say this in a sarcastic or consoling manner, and the receiving end knows it only too well. If they can see through your bias, why bother being caustic? Pay an honest compliment, or just let it go.

Shed Those Pounds And Reclaim Your Life

This is almost a gym-owner-patented-sentence which simply suggests that if you have excess pounds, you don't have a life worth living.
In short, you are losing out on the good things in your life and shedding your weight will bring them back. Alas, life is not so simple, and it can be miserable for non-fat people too! One may choose to lose weight when and why they want to, but definitely not to 'get a life'.

Oh, My Friend Was Also As Heavy But When She Started Going To...

Never the least and definitely the most annoying things (or rather a collection of things) to say to a fat person is telling them the real-life victory of a friend over his/her monstrous weight. Sorry, but that (umpteenth) ballad only charges up the fat person in question to hit you (at least mentally), rather than go hit the gym.