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Things You Can Think But Never Say, Or You'll Surely Get Punched!

Meenu Goel Mar 14, 2019
Ever wondered the kind of trouble you would get into if you spat out even half of what was going on in your head? Yeah, join the club!
"I, like all other human beings, expose to the world only my trimmed and perfumed and carefully barbered public opinions and conceal carefully, cautiously, wisely, my private ones."
- Mark Twain in Eruption
More often than not, what you say to someone is a distilled version of what you actually think of saying. In essence, whatever is left unsaid is what stays back on the filter of prudence in due course of a social interaction.
A wise individual is one who knows how to get the truth across without sounding offensive. What sets a refined intellect apart from a sharp one is the sting that is held back while reacting in a socially or emotionally difficult situation.
In this write up, we will be sifting through this layer of emotional 'grit' that has tremendous potential of rubbing people the wrong way (pun unintended), should better sense fail to prevail.

Some Puckish Thoughts

Someone Says: "You're single? Lucky girl!"
Whether you're dealing with a break-up (which is always tough, no matter who says what) or you're single and waiting for the perfect match (as opposed to Ms. always-available and will-date-anyone), and someone 'advises' you to look on the brighter side of being single...
Your reaction: Just nod and smile.
What You Didn't Say: Oh really? Then why don't you break up with your dear beloved and get lucky as well.
Someone says: "Isn't my fuzzy wuzzy baby the cutest girlfriend ever?"
Boy meets girl, they fall in love and nobody else is happy ever after! Your best friend is in love (bordering on obsession) with a complete loser who you cannot stand.
Or couples you know, who are always stuck to one another (Siamese twins alert!), call each other the mushiest names ever (wince), cannot keep their hands off each other (heard of something called a room?)...
Your reaction: Awww, you guys are so cute together!
What You Didn't Say: "It's a match made in heaven...by a retarded angel."
- Woody Allen
Your friend asks: "What do you think about my outfit/haircut?"
Your friend has bought a new outfit (sexy?); got a haircut (stylish?); is getting dressed for a party (what's the theme again?). In any case, you find face-to-face with the dreaded question (dammit why me?!)...
Your reaction: I think you look great!
What You Didn't Say: That one word ~ hideous!
Your ex says: "Can we still be friends?"
So he/she broke your heart and the hussy's back, brazenly asking to be friends with you (the nerve!). Or, picture a sunny day when you're out having a good time! And, you run into your ex with his/her latest 'catch'!
Your reaction: So what's up with you?
What You Didn't Say 1: What is it? Run-into-the-loser day?
What You Didn't Say 2: "I feel so miserable without you, it's almost like having you here." - Stephen Bishop
What You Didn't Say 3: (to the 'catch') You know, the only good thing about (name of ex) is his/her taste in women/men. What's wrong with you though?
Someone says: "You know what happened!?!"
And the drama queen has arrived - the one who has an exaggerated reaction to everything.
All things just have  to be about them to such an extent as to make them the cynosure of everyone's universe.
Her bad hair day should be declared a national holiday; her relationship ups and downs are the front page headlines; her answer to 'no' is tantrums of epic proportions...
Your reaction: Oh my God! Really?
What You Didn't Say: "Congratulations on your ability to create drama out of nothing." - Source Unknown

Impertinent Offspring of an Impish Intellect

Here's a sneak peek into some other everyday thoughts that I would really  like to blurt out!
» Hmm. And since when is it your moral obligation to advice me about my life?

» Heard of the new make-up diet? Maybe you should try it. It would make you pretty on the inside.

» The altitude of your stupidity is enough to set a world record.

» Your parents may have planned you, but I'm sure they regret it now!
» Too many guys chasing you, huh? Well, low price gets lotsa cheap takers!

» I may love to shop, but I'm not buying your bullshit. - Source unknown

» Hey! You thought of calling me? And what is it you wanted to borrow this time?
» Are you going to die in the next 5 minutes? No? Really? Wow! Then do you mind if I finish what I was saying?

» There should be a commodity named after you - a deodorant.

» Darling, you are so fake, you put Barbie to shame.
Unsaid things may not always have a mean connotation to them. At times, a lot of things are left unsaid to either save someone embarrassment or to spare them the blow of a bitter truth, like...
» When you care someone, you also care about their feelings and you would much rather please them with a lie than hurt them with the truth. The relation and feelings occupy a higher place.

» Rene Descartes once quoted "I think; therefore I am." However, don't we all hold back our not-so-sweet thoughts sometimes because we don't want to be perceived as rude?
» Ever got into an argument with your parents and it's taken you all the possible self-control to not spit out all the mean thoughts in your head? That's choosing respect over anger.

» You are charmed by someone and think he/she is the one? You speak all, but don't express your feelings? It's the fear of the outcome that keeps one from showing his/her love.
» Have you ever wanted to speak up against something that you thought was unjust, but abstained? Whether it's in an educational institution, at work or as a part of society, we keep certain thoughts to ourselves because it would either be considered inappropriate or there is a possibility of unsavory consequences on expressing them.
On a parting note, this would be incomplete without the following quote.
There's always a little truth behind every 'just kidding', a little curiosity behind every 'just wondering', a little knowledge behind every 'I don't know', and a little emotion behind every 'I don't care'.  Don't you agree?