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8 Things Which Make Creative People Immensely Attractive

Buzzle Staff Nov 24, 2018
Musicians are oh-so-desirable, and so are writers. What makes these creative souls so attractive? Here are some amazing qualities that creative people have.
"When creative people do their best work, they're hardly ever in charge, they're just sort of rolling along with their eyes shut yelling wheee."
― Stephen King
A painter can create worlds and emotions with colors, a writer can blend the tangible and intangible, a musician can pull your heart strings, a dancer can make you laugh and cry at the same time; creative people are indeed like magicians. How can they not be attractive!
Creative people leave a distinct mark in everything they do. They have this easy and natural charm that makes people go crazy. Their offbeat ideas, easy demeanor, intensity, just everything about them is appealing. What are the qualities that make these creative souls so mesmerizing?


The thing you notice first in a creative person is his/her passion.
The way they talk about their work is oh-so-desirable! That sparkle in their eyes, their dedication, and ambition is totally attractive. Have you ever heard a writer talk about his/her story or poem? The intensity of emotions is unparalleled. It's like they are consumed by their art.


Creative people don't have a fixed schedule, they live pretty happening lives. It's all about instinct and intuition for them. They love doing random crazy things, and are very spontaneous. Basically, you will hardly ever be bored of them. They make you go weak in the knees, but always keep you on your toes. Well done, creative folks!


Creative people definitely stand out. They just have this ethereal aura that shines through. Some people may label them as weird or crazy, but they are truly unique.
They will have a different approach to any problem, an innovative perspective for every situation, and an unmatched attitude. Their unconventionality makes them irresistibly attractive.


Most creative people are very independent, and live their lives on their own terms. They don't have fixed, boring lives. Each day is different, filled with novelties, and challenges. Thus, they know how to handle problems.
They can live on coffee and pizza, as long as they are doing what they love. They don't like anyone intruding their own space, and are fiercely protective about their independence.


Humans are emotional fools, and creative people hit the right spot in this case. They simply know how to play with emotions, whether with words, music, dance, or colors.
Whatever the medium, they just tug at your heart, and bring out varied emotions and feelings. Plus, they understand everything so much better, hard to resist, isn't it?


Photographers, painters, musicians, and many other creative vocations offer tremendous opportunities for travel. These people are always globetrotting. They are open, have exciting stories to tell, experiences to share, and so much more.
They can be very entertaining and enigmatic. They have lived through meager means and are experiencing royalty as well. They have truly experienced the world. Their struggles, journey, dreams, are enchanting.


Ahh... who doesn't love the raw appeal of a rebel! Most girls will fall for a bad boy, if he is a sexy musician, all the better!
The way they have a different approach to everything in life, and don't give a damn to what society thinks is kinda cool.


Creative people appreciate and revere beauty. They can find inspiration in the most mundane thing. A photographer becomes immensely irresistible when he makes the simplest subject appear stunning. It's this eye for detail, and the ability to look past imperfections, to find something unique, that makes them attractive.
We are not saying all creative people are shy or introverts, but many of them have an alluring mysteriousness. Plus, it's the fame that comes along which attracts many to these people. Reasons are many, and every person may have a different perspective. One thing is for sure though; creativity is sexy!