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Things to Talk About on the Phone

Does it seem like your phone conversations have become phony? Well... it's just a phase. Here's how to revive the lost charm with things to talk about on the phone.
Mukta Gaikwad Oct 8, 2018
OK! So you've been in love with this special someone for a long time now. By now you know each other well. There is nothing more left to know. Nothing more left to talk about. Nothing more left to be discovered. And definitely nothing left to surprise you.
Moreover, busy lives and grueling working hours leave little room for any signs of communication. Being with each other has just become a routine thing. So, the only way of catching up with each other is over the phone at night. But what are the things you can talk about on the phone with your loved one? Let's find out...

What is Interesting?

The biggest mistake couples make while talking on the phone is they try too hard. Looking for interesting topics is another big mistake. The topic is not what makes the conversation interesting but it's the interest you show that makes the conversation interesting. So, once this is clear, let's see what are the things to talk on the phone about on the phone.

How Was Your Day?

This is by far the most regularly and commonly asked question. And I agree that it can be annoying, if it's asked everyday, since nothing eventful really happens. So, if you are looking for things to talk about with your crush, stop! Try asking this question in different ways to make the night calls interesting and participative.
Trying asking about your partner's colleagues, what did they eat for lunch, what was she wearing, when did he get off work or what did she have for dinner. This way you get to know what was your partner doing during the day and moreover, you can elaborate on each question.

What is Your Plan for the Weekend?

If you are a working couple or a studying couple, the weekend is the only time you get for each other. Thus, this is another question that can lead to an interesting conversation, with inputs from both the sides. Again, asking this question the way it is, won't yield much. So, try different ways. Give your partner a truckload of options for the weekend.
Take a few ideas from creative date ideas or good date ideas, if you can't come up with alternatives. Some of them will be rejected, some will be mentally noted for further weekends and some will be readily accepted. At the end of discussing these options, you would have lost track of time!

Mushy Romantic Talks

The hectic pace of life can evaporate the romance in your relationship. So here's your chance of reviving it.
You may think that those mushy romantic talks are a waste of time, but not really. Those sweet nothings are the sweet everything that make a difference. The simple 'I love you', 'I miss you' and ' I am dying to see you' are fun things to talk over.
Other than these, discussing movies, books, music, current affairs, culinary delights, shopping excursions and everything else that holds your interest will make your talk on the phone worth the sleepless nights and worth the bills. Have fun!