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13 Things That Single Girls Experience When Their Besties Are Getting Married

Amita Ray Apr 28, 2019
The pre-wedding period is an emotional roller coaster for the bride-to-be, and as her best friend, it is your job to help, comfort, and support her. She'll probably want you to be a part of almost everything, right from picking out a color theme for the wedding to being there to catch the bouquet when she tosses it.

Let's Get Matchy

In ancient Rome, it was a common tradition for the bridesmaids to dress like the bride to confuse evil spirits and bring good luck to the marriage.

The Happy Phone Call

It's one of the happiest moments of her life and you're happy for her, how on earth are you supposed to contain yourself, but scream with happiness, of course. Do we need to mention the silly giggles and awws expressed when she shows you her ring for the first time?

The Sad Realization

Almost all your friends seem to be getting hitched, and here goes your best friend as well! Be it for a moment, but you definitely wonder when will it be your turn. Sometimes, it makes you wonder whether you're doing something wrong in the dating department.

The Boost of Confidence

Finally all your gal pals meet over drinks to celebrate. While your married or soon-to-be-married friends are quietly sipping their martinis, you get to enjoy the attention of all the hotties around. Know that this is what the sweet taste of freedom tastes like.

Let's Get Down to Work

With your faith in your sexiness renewed and the title of the maid of honor, you, along with the bride-to-be, set out on the task of creating the perfect wedding that you've dreamed of all your lives. Right from finding her the perfect dress to a wedding planner, you'll do it all.

Down with Work

Right from finding her the perfect dress to a wedding planner you'll have to do it all; not to mention the bridal shower and the hen party that you need to plan in secrecy! If that wasn't enough, you gotta work, you know, to provide for yourself and stuff.

Bye Bye, Bestie?

Every time you guys meet up, it's either to work on the seating arrangement or the place cards. You don't seem to do any of the fun things you guys would usually do. The only person she seems to have fun with is her soon-to-be-hubby. Whether you like it or not, the monster of jealousy seems to creep in.

Too Old Too Soon

Your best friend is all grown up and so are you! May be you two knew each other since kindergarten, or may be you met each other in college, there is a lot of craziness that you two share. Looking at her getting ready for her wedding makes you wonder how the time just flew by.

Unleashing the Wild Child-Crazy Bachelorette Party

It is time to put on your dancing shoes and dance away your blues, because your best friend is getting married! You know she deserves one helluva night before she gets tied down, and you have planned a spinster party that would put spring break to shame ;).

The Moment of Overwhelm

Your friend is now the prettiest bride you've ever seen. This is the happiest day of her life, and you're so happy for her. She looks at you, and you instantly feel this great intensity of emotions - you're happy with a sense of relief, with tears in your eyes and a smile on your face. You instantly know THIS IS IT!

It's Time to Boogie-Dancing at Bestie's Wedding

After months of preparation, amidst all the chaos and the happy tears, your bestie is finally married. It is time for you to party, don't forget you have dibs on every single guy in the party, especially that really cute best man. Just remember to be your charming self and dazzle them all!

All By Myself

Off goes your bestie, and you're left all alone. Who will you call when you have a bad dream? Are you seriously to trust anyone else's opinion when you go dress shopping? Yes, your best friend is off to live her life, but sadly without her, your life feels empty.

The Reunion

One fine day when you were trying to fill the void created by the departure of your best friend, your phone rings. Guess what? It's your bestie at the other end, she's back from her honeymoon; you're the first person she's calling, and she's got loads to tell. Well folks, it's time to tighten your seat belts because the girls are back!

Friends for Life

Okay, may be you don't get to see your friend as often, but you know that she's really happy. You know you'll get her every now and then. You'll always be a part of every important day in her life and so will she.
And when you find the right guy, the four of you could go on a double date. Together you have grown and together you will continue to grow, with a slight hope that someday your kids will grow up to be as close as the two of you.