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10 Things a Talkative Person Can Relate to That are Oh-so-true

Sai Kardile Apr 17, 2019
Call them garrulous, voluble, loquacious, or blabbermouth, but you can never divest them of their penetrating mojo of unrelenting and unmerciful talking. We present to you 10 things that only a talkative person can relate to.
"The book is called 'Most Talkative,' because I was voted most talkative in high school. And I've never stopped talking. My mouth has been my greatest asset and my biggest Achilles' heel."
― Andy Cohen
Some people are invested with the gift of the gab; their facial muscles are never cut any slack, and their speech organs function with such an overbearing force that it makes other people's throats go dry. They can talk on just anything and everything and have an opinion on everything irrespective of whether it hews to sensibility/comprehensibility or not.
Their limitless capacity to yak can be ascribed to their boundless receptacle of self-confidence and self-esteem. They can talk vociferously and effortlessly and are dab hands at making small talks, which obviously gives them a leg up on others when thrown in unfamiliar environment.
They can also talk nineteen to the dozens, which can make people's brain bleed. Sometimes, others can find it really tough to have a word edgewise when they are jawing down their viewpoint, which is like on EVERY GODDAMN THING!

Take a look at the following personality traits of a talkative person and find if you dovetail in it or not.

Speech organs on steroids

☞ You are always seen exercising your mouth, every minute, every second, without even halting for a nanosecond. It is as if you have a magical supply of wind that allows you to blabber interminably and breathlessly.

No breather for the teacher

☞ In school, you were perpetually on the move since with the incessant chattering your seat was subjected to change (which was like every week) yet never talked you out of talking with others. Yey!

Sometimes people wish you had an "off" button

☞ People deliberately skip asking you for movies because they know that you cannot stop yourself from predicting what will happen next and sharing your invaluable viewpoint about costumes, dialogs, acting, styling, make up, direction, music, in short everything.


☞ Your gob is so inveterate to moving itself all the time that it doesn't remain steady, even when you are sleeping. That is really something, but unfortunately, it robs people of their ONLY REPRIEVE.

She hasn't spoken a word yet, what's wrong with her?!

☞ People are so acclimatized to you having a verbal diarrhea that if, on the rarest of rare occasion, you are not seen twaddling around, they think something is terribly wrong with you.

Sharing a secret with you doesn't come naturally to your friends

☞ By virtue of your riotous rambling reputation, people including your BEST FRIENDS think twice before telling you a secret. They are scared that if next time, you don't find any apt example to describe a situation, you will most likely be laying their s*** bare.

Sometimes you become weary of your own twaddling

☞ You may not let it surface but deep down you know that no matter how sophisticatedly or affectedly you talk, there are times when the sound of your own voice makes you feel TIRED.

Socializing is like a goose play for you

☞ While ordinary people in social situations, are mentally working at making their opening move, you will have already moved yourself up in the world of social schmoozing and will have started to disseminate your profound ideas. Take that.

D for Digresser

☞ You are not just an unruly blabbermoth but a digresser who will swerve off to a different direction and will have totally forgotten the original topic of discussion.
"We are so going to have to visit that mall for our project, hey that reminds me, this local store is running an amazing offer on blazers; I really have to get my eyebrows tweaked; I accidentally sent my ugly selfie to Mason; did I tell you Rachel was spotted lifting a snack bar from Bella's tote! Oh the weather is so clammy!"

You are better off even when you are alone

☞ You don't necessarily need an audience to appreciate your ideas or theories because you can even hold hours-long conversations with yourself, more like a soliloquy, you know.
Well, a leopard can't change its spots neither can it bleach it, this will be a more of a non-sequitur sentence, but every twaddler has a say something or the other, they are in a way adorably gnawing, but still adorable. So be happy if you are smothered by one such talker.