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Irritating Things Roommates Do That Seriously Annoy You

Things Roommates Do That Annoy You
We all like to believe that we are people-friendly enough only if we have to put up with others for a few hours, and not if someone is going to be with us forever, like day and night. Having roommates simply summarizes the above.
Rujuta Patil
Last Updated: Dec 14, 2018
Passed out after the party
Married Couple living separately
Marriages would work so much better if partners did not have to share a space.
Dirty dishes in sink
Leaving dishes in the sink or leftover food out of the fridge (which invites flies), having to buy the dish soap every time, although it's her turn to, are signs of an annoying roomie. Recall the last time he/she had done the dishes without a vast (yet gentle!) reminders? And yes, hygiene? We better not go there.
Socks in Drawer, note Spare my socks
Using your stuff, especially cosmetics, and denying that (assuming you wouldn't notice the little water added to it to maintain the quantity); when you actually KNOW it.
They use your shoes, socks, and all other accessories, like the sibling you never had. Borrowing your clothes without asking, or easing into your room to check out your stuff, and being very frankly-friendly about it is not always welcome, right?
Roomie showing empty pockets for rent
Not paying bills on time, forgetting to pay the rent, or giving the same old excuse of not having money ' right now', but promising to pay within the next two days (which stretches till the next deadline to pay the rent). Still a good roommate!
Roomies who are layabouts
Roommates can make you forget what a clean bathroom looks like. Ignoring the trash, forgetting the chores, lazing around like bums - basically 'ignoring any household chore' defines a perfectly annoying roommate.
In fact, there is more to it. Many might have learned how NOT to share an apartment, either by observing others, or being a slob themselves.
Roomie stealing your food
Attacking your stock of food, finishing something you saved for when you get back from work, a simple relish that you may have been dreaming of the whole day - like chips; but, you only find an empty packet staring back at you. Oh, and the best part is that they apologize each time, shamelessly!
Both roomies inviting Guests
Another way of being vexed is when he/she invites some friends/colleagues without asking you, and it turns out that both of you have guests coming.
Roomie inviting her boyfriend at the apartment
When their girl/boyfriends begin frequenting your apartment, and gradually almost move in, and you end up paying for both of them, of course with a smile on your face, because you are happy for your roommate friend (really!?).
One roomie playing loud music, other annoyed
Playing their favorite music on high volume, irrespective of your priorities, or the well-before-morning alarms set by them when there is the least possibility of it being useful, because of the snores.
You simply go back to your room and try to focus better with the ear plugs on, and grudgingly keep lying in bed, as you cannot go to his room to switch the noise off. Sad!
Empty Milk can and cookies box
It is an eternal riddle how some people act dumb enough to not know that essentials need to be refilled if consumed. OK, the toilet paper at least?
One watching his favorite TV show, other is irritated
Adjusting the thermostat according to how cool and hot a human body can feel is like dealing with huge degrees of differences every day. You have to watch a retarded TV show, which your roommate finds to be hilarious!
You start to think of how your house is more of an 'accommodation' than your own space. More so when your phone or laptop is pulled off charge just for a 'few minutes'.
Girl talking to her roomie despite the other trying to work
You HAVE to be a sincere audience sometimes to anything that might have gone wrong (or that was too good to believe): from a lost earring to a bad day at work, to how beautiful a latest movie is, to career plans like why don't we start up something together.
This, despite you having your headphones on and working on the laptop. That is when you truly discover your patience levels.
Dirty Microwave with note saying
Using common resources, or sometimes resources of one person being used commonly, either way can be a nightmare. Watching favorite TV shows is planned for, but we know plans are not made to be followed.
Familiar? Or, you might have found your wet laundry stacked in a corner, because they had to wash and dry theirs first. And the microwave, which you just cleaned last night, is back with that excellent pasta-sauce-art. The list can go on and on.