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10 Things Only Impatient People Can Understand and Relate To

Things Only Impatient People Will Understand
The world is not an easy place to live in for an impatient person. The outside world seems to be moving in a slow motion, whereas our brain seems to be functioning at a brisk speed. Its as if the rest of the crowd transmits through the FM mode, while we go through the AM mode.
SocialMettle Staff
Last Updated: Apr 9, 2018
Answer the following questions correctly for a lifetime membership at the 'Club Of Impatient Humans'.

☞ Have you ever yelled at a total stranger standing in line, for taking too long?
☞ Ever secretly wished your friend be eaten by a grizzly bear for making you wait half an hour for a pre-planned rendezvous?
☞ Do you agree that 'FLASH' is the awesomeest Superhero ever? (For the Obvious reasons)
☞ Did you throw any of your electronic device at the wall/outside the window, for (again) taking too long?
☞ Given a choice to be turned into an animal, is an Ostrich at the top of your list?

If your answer was affirmative for all the above questions, then let me be the first one to say, "Welcome To The Club". Yes my dear friend, you are now officially a member of an exclusive club created for 'Impatient Homo-Sapiens' like yourself.
List of Situations Impatient People Can Easily Relate To
Waiting in a Long Line is Not Our Cup of Tea... or Coffee.
Person waiting in a long line getting angry
When the person ahead of us in a take-away line takes a million years to decide the order, it takes all kinds of self-control inside us not to go and yell at a total stranger,"Dude, for the Love of God, just DECIDE.. TODAY!"
Cliffhanger?? What the Frack is That?
Impatient person watching T.V.
Surviving in the same world where the concept of a 'cliffhanger' exists seems unbearable to us. It seems like an impossible task to watch a suspense movie or read a suspense novel without jumping to the last scene or flipping right to the last few pages of the book.
Instant Food is our Source of Sustenance
Impaient man using a microwave
Cooking a scrumptious wholesome meal is way beyond our capabilities as a human being. The only kind of food we ever like to cook is 'instant food' that gets done within a few minutes.
Impatience Correlates to Punctuality
Impatient person checking his watch
One slightly positive outcome of being a characteristically impatient person is that, more often than not, we are punctual for all our meetings. Sounds great right? Yeah...We wish!

Being punctual only drives us crazy, waiting around for people who are chronically late. Which is why we develop an OCD of checking our watch literally every two minutes, but whatever we do, we cannot make time pass faster.
Calling Tech Support is Suicidal
An angry man talking to Tech Support
Tech Support/Customer Care is our mortal enemy. Staying on the other end of the line, holding the phone for god knows how many hours, listening to the 'elevator' music or hearing the recorded voice of a woman making fake promises like " You are the next customer" or "Your call is important to us", makes us wanna shoot ourselves between the eyes.
To Call, or Not To Call, This is the Question
A man yelling through the phone
We just love texting, because waiting two hours for a reply while the other person types at a 'glacial pace' is just exhilarating for us (Hope you caught the sarcasm).

So instead, we decide that calling is the better option, (because we were desperately hoping that, that would be quicker) but after waiting for three L-O-N-G rings, we come to the conclusion that you are just not worth talking to.
Waiting + Impatience = Disaster
Frustrated man holding a T.V.
A part of us dies on the inside when we have to wait an entire year for the next 'Game Of Thrones' season to be released, or back when we finished the latest 'Harry Potter' novel overnight and were mentally tortured waiting throughout the year for the next installment.
Our Hatred Towards Technology
Boy throwing his laptop in frustration
There is a strong, invincible urge inside of us to throw our computer/laptop out of the damn window when it updates the software (Especially, when we have some super urgent work to do) and takes about a million years to start.

Well, what can we say, waiting patiently listening to the tick - tock - tick of the clock every second, is just not a personality trait that we as an impatient species inherit.
Commercials Give Us the Heebie-Jeebies
Frustrated man watching T.V
Our anxiety levels increase naturally while watching commercials. Hence, we try to avoid them as far as possible. The remote control of the television is always glued to our hands, and we keep jumping from one channel to another. Going through an entire T.V. show including the 'commercials' sounds just absurd.
Fidgeting is an Innate Part Of Who We Are
uncomfortable female Fidgeting impatiently
The struggles of a quintessentially impatient being is not limited to psychological frustrations, this also affects us on a physical level. The constant fidgeting, tapping of the fingers, involuntary shaking of the legs, gets physically tiring. In an effort to distract ourselves from the things that we can't control, and at the same time trying not to burst out of frustration, we don't realize how and when our limbs start to hurt.