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20 Things Only a Girl With Too Many Guy Friends Experiences

Buzzle Staff Apr 19, 2019
If you are a girl with several guy friends, there is really no limit to the fun you can have, is there? Well, for starters, you never run out of alcohol or pizza. Morning, noon, or night, you are more than comfortable snacking on junk food!
Your boys will be rather honest with you. No sweet talk, no false consolations, no honeyed words. Whatever it is, it is dished out direct. It's quite possible that they are way too honest at times.
You are a master at cracking adult jokes. In fact, you probably know all of them and have no inhibitions or awkwardness whatsoever.
Your guy friends are into gadgets, video games, comic books, and sports, and you know everything about them as well. So much so that you are quite an expert yourself.
Going days without a bath, dirty rooms, smelly clothes, it's all normal!
Your parents worry that you don't have a single girlfriend. In fact, the greater cause for concern is the thought that you are probably a female Casanova who may have slept with someone or everyone in the group.
Most people you know assume that you are already committed to one of your guy friends. Unfortunately, sometimes, you may end up falling for one of them, and things become really awkward then.
Were you under the impression that guys don't gossip? Wrong. They do. Yup. Big time. You would have found that out already, right?
You never care about dressing up. No coy feelings with short skirts, not a concern about makeup, shoes, or anything superficial. You could chill out in a pair of shorts and tee all day. And, people always expect you to be tomboyish anyway.
You and your buddies are protective of one another, and so, no partner will be good enough. Your guy friends will find fault with every guy you date, and you will find fault with every one of their girlfriends.
Your friends always address you as 'dude'. Or 'man'. They always forget you are a girl too; they discuss girls with you as if you are not one yourself. For them, you are 'the guy with long hair'.
With your boys, there is no melodrama, no theatrics. All cool, cheers to that!
It can be difficult for you to discuss anything that leads to talk about intimacy. Because your boys mostly think of you as their sister, and are grossed out when you mention anything related to that.
You are never judged for anything. Whether it's your shocking sense of fashion, or your offensive body odor, or your appetite. Because your boys are always one step ahead of you, especially when it comes to food. Yeah, they eat a lot. And at all times.
If you ever go through a breakup, you always have your guy friends to chill out with. A ready date with no strings attached.
You can be sure your guy friends will advice you about everything. From dating to technology to sports, you get to hear plenty of male opinions.
Burping, farting, nose-picking, butt-itching, nothing fazes you or embarrasses you. And, you are perfectly in your comfort zone.
You are likey the envy of your girlfriends or most girls. They think you are slut to hang out with so many guys. They likely think you've slept with all of them. Most of them camouflage their real feelings. But you don't really care, do you?
You are absolutely comfortable getting into a brawl, be it boxing, hitting, punching. You are well-versed with all of them and love to watch people in a fracas as well.
No one will dare to mess with you, you can rest assured that you are always protected by a group of strong guys. And you are equally protective about them as well.