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Do Not Miss! 11 Things Every Bartender is Tired of Hearing

Rujuta Patil Mar 17, 2019
If you're standing at a bar counter without knowing what to order, you've already invited trouble for yourself. The bartender may not serve you well, as you're holding up many others behind you. There are other things bartenders are tired of hearing, which we actually say, unknowingly.
People perhaps presume bartenders don't do anything but simply collect tips for watching hilarious drunks go erratic. This questions tops the list of things that totally annoy them.
Bartenders often get hit on, which is not at all exciting for everyday. They are not interested in sharing their story, unlike you, mostly because you are drunk. And, moreover, you are nobody to ask them personal questions.
Or, they ask what's the best? Customers highlight their foolishness by holding the list of drinks in their hand, and expecting the bartender to decide what's best for them. The bartender only knows you since the last few seconds, remember!
Happy Birthday! But, if you say that to the bartender for free drinks, then that's a big no for sure.
Some ask the bartender for the cheapest shot. And, it has to be strong too.
Yeah, sure! Like the bartender is gonna love to be your DJ. Bartenders are so tired of hearing this.
Bartenders would want to say to that, "I do bartending. And I have a masters in photography! You guessed it right, little drunkard."
This one can go as one of the funniest things said to bartenders. People say that as if there is no alcohol in the drink. To customers hoping for an extra pour for free, bartenders would simply answer with, "Get a double, by paying for a double".
Handling drunkards is not funny; laughing at their stupidity might be, but not when someone wants you to listen to their story, at 4 in the morning, when you are about to close. Bartenders are not your buddies.
"Ho Ho... ! Santa is here to surprise you!" The bartender trying to surprise you with a special drink, doesn't go well with what you had in mind, and you ask him to make it stronger, again!
The amount of patience a human can show at terrific levels of indecisiveness is one of the things only bartenders will understand.