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How to Talk to Random People online?

Aparna Jadhav Sep 30, 2018
If you want to make friends, you have to be a bit more open when meeting strangers. Here are some tips on how to talk to random people online and make new friends.
Since communication is a great way of getting to know new people, you can always depend on various modes of it. Considering that we are in the 21st century today, the internet is a very important part of our survival.
When we have internet access, there is speed in our professional as well as personal lives. This speed living is not a habit, but the only way of survival for us from now on. We are so dependent on the internet for many things, like information, paying bills, bookings, and socializing, that all we need is a PC and a chair.
The best part about internet is that we can talk to people all over the globe who are online at the same time. As far as your communication and socializing with random strangers is restricted to safe networking, it is a good deal. How to talk to random people online, is explained next.

General Tips

  • When you want to socialize with new people, places like clubs, classes, parties, and other public gatherings are always an option.
  • Many times, you may find it difficult to approach new people if you are the timid kind. Therefore, you need to shed your inhibitions and be more active.
  • Talking to people face to face is not that difficult when you get into a conversation, but it might take you sometime to start that conversation and express your views. Thus, you have to build your confidence and confront them with ease.

Chatting on The Web

Approaching a stranger on the cash counter in a grocery store is tougher than sending someone a friend request on Facebook, isn't it? It is because one of the basic rules of communication skills is eye contact, which is a major reason of not socializing with strangers. But on the internet, there is no eye contact, which makes it much easier.
You can talk to anyone around the world by simply enrolling in online chat rooms, where a lot of people are interested in chatting with you. It is not wrong to talk to people online, but asking them too much about their personal lives, too soon, is invading their privacy. There are certain rules of social networking also which are mentioned next.

Tips for Socializing on The Internet

  • When you enroll for a social networking site, make sure you put only the needed information about yourself and not more, as many people can use it.
  • Also, make sure you activate your security settings against visitors you want to block from visiting your home page.
  • There are also security options for the pictures you upload on your profile, so as to keep strangers from seeing and commenting on them. But your profile picture is visible to all. Also, read on internet security.
  • When you get friend requests from random people, check their profile pages before accepting it, if you want to make friends with them.
  • The good part about social networking is that people don't bother you much when you are not active on the site.
  • Since it is a great way of improving and increasing your contacts, talking to random people can also help you in many other ways.

Social Networking Websites

There are many social networking websites, but the most used are just a few. Take a look at some such names mentioned in the following list.
  • Facebook
  • MySpace
  • Twitter
  • Tagged
  • LinkedIn
  • Hi5
  • Classmates
With so many websites, which allow you to talk to people all over the world and make friends with them, you can never run out of friends! So, have fun meeting new people but make sure it's safe networking.