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Sympathy Wreath Flowers and Patterns to Mourn Irreplaceable Loss

Aparna Jadhav Apr 17, 2019
Flowers can be presented on both happy and sad occasions, but in different forms and ways. Here are a few ideas for sympathy wreaths.
Wreaths are lovely arrangements of assorted flowers, fruits and leaves, in the form of a ring. They were made to symbolize the birth of Jesus in Christianity, which is also known as the Advent. Therefore, a wreath is hung on doors or walls during the Advent season or Christmas.
However, another symbolism of the wreath in Christianity is mourning, as Jesus was made to wear a wreath of thorns on his head (as his crown), mocking him to be a king, during his crucifixion.
Thereafter, the tradition of using sympathy wreaths made from flowers and leaves, during funerals began. They are considered to be a tribute to the departed and a means to express condolences to the bereaved.
Different flowers symbolize different emotions and hence can be included in making funeral wreaths as well. However, there are specific flowers which are used to make these wreaths, since they symbolize sympathy. Find out what flowers could be used and in what patterns, here.

Sympathy Wreath Flowers and Designs

We all know, that flowers have meanings and are related to certain emotions. Like flowers are used for happy events, they are also presented as a gesture to express your condolences. These are called sympathy flowers and are usually presented in specific funeral flower arrangements such as wreaths, crosses, baskets, etc.


White is the traditional color of flowers presented at funerals and memorials, but there are many other colored flowers that are recently added as per choice. When they are used in sympathy wreaths, they can be combined with a number of other items such as leaves, ribbons, fruits, etc. to add color and pattern to them.
The choices for sympathy flowers can be;

Lilies: White lilies represent resurrection, purity and innocence, thus they can be used as funeral flowers. They also look beautiful when they are combined with green foliage or white ribbons to make the wreaths.
Therefore, white tiger and Calla lilies can be one of the best options for funeral flowers.
Carnations: These flowers are simple and their blooms are dense, thus they are used to fill up open spaces in the wreaths. White, pink, yellow and peach carnations could make beautiful sympathy wreaths.
Roses: White, light pink and yellow roses give a very formal look to any arrangements. These flowers symbolize purity and love, thus using them as the main flowers in the wreath could make the arrangement look simple yet elegant.


While looking for patterns in these wreaths, you will always have a wide choice, because of the different flower and color combinations. As mentioned earlier, along with these flowers, there can be other additions such as foliage, and artificial decorations to make the wreath look simple and attractive. Here are some usual wreath ideas for funerals.
Single Flower Wreaths: The wreaths are made of single flowers like carnations, chrysanthemums, lilies, roses, along with leaves. With only one type of flower, it looks pretty and uniform.
Combination Flower Wreaths: More than one type of flower is used to make the wreath. Use a single color or two colors, to add variation. Prefer pastel colors instead of bright.
Non-Flower Wreaths: There are no flowers used. Dried berries, twigs, fresh foliage, colored leaves, or even potpourri are used. These wreaths are not very popular, can be good options for seasonal wreath designs.
With these ideas on sympathy wreaths along with some options for the flowers and patterns that can be included, hope you have found a variety to choose from. Wreaths are a beautiful tribute when saying the last goodbye. Make sure they are made perfectly.