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Sympathy Flowers: Funeral Flower Arrangements

Chesley Maldonado Oct 8, 2018
The loss of a loved one is often very difficult. Flowers is one very common way to show feelings and respect for those who have passed on. Here are some flower types and their meanings.


Chrysanthemums are symbolic of death, and are mainly used for funerals or on graves. In many countries all around the world, chrysanthemums are traditionally used in funeral floral arrangements.
They are available in a number of colors―white, yellow, burgundy, tan, and pink. White is the most popular color. White denotes truth and honesty. Single chrysanthemums are daisy-like and give freshness to a funeral tribute. Double chrysanthemums are also popular, since they can be used for pillows, names, and massed wreaths very easily.


It has been said that lilies represent the restored innocence of the soul when a person dies. There are several types of lilies, and the colors available are white, orange (salmon), yellow, and pink.
You can buy Asiatic lilies in colors of white, yellow, pink, or orange. Calla lilies are costlier, as they provide a great visual due to the impressive colors.

Longiflorum Lilies

These look like the flower head forms a trumpet, and are only found in white. They are a very traditional funeral flower, and look best in a tied sheath because of the way they grow on the stem.

Asiatic Lilies

These are smaller flower heads, and are used in sprays or as a base. Oriental lilies open out fully with the petals turning back. The size of the flower head can vary, but these have a very strong presence within a funeral tribute.


One of the few blue flowers available all year round, the iris has its deserved place as a funeral flower. They signify faithfulness and hope, and when contrasted with white, they have a great visual impact.


Gladiolas are known for spontaneous openness to the higher consciousness. They also symbolize strength of character. They are used in funerals as a token of respect to the departed soul.
Flowers are a beautiful way of showing your love and respect for lost near ones. You can also send flowers to the spouse or immediate family of the one lost.