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Social Etiquette Tips

Puja Lalwani Nov 20, 2018
We all know the importance of a good first impression. Here are some tips to avoid social awkwardness and creates a good first impression.
We've always heard that the 'first impression is always last impression', which in fact, is true. With everyone's busy lives and schedule, you don't always get an opportunity to take out time and prove who you really are.
People will make judgments about you in a matter of seconds; and you definitely don't want to unnecessarily portray the wrong picture. Therefore, it is important to develop some good manners and etiquette to be able to make a good impression.
The most basic rule of social etiquette is to treat people with respect. Do not undermine the value of any person, whether superior or subordinate. Your treatment to others matter, and remember, these are the little things that get noticed.
In formal settings, whether relating to business, or a general social gathering, the rules of social etiquette are universally applicable. They help build the right relationship and can benefit you in many ways.

The Right Greeting

Did you know that there exists a specific handshake etiquette? While greeting someone, always offer a handshake. Stand up and offer a handshake when you are being introduced to someone.
While shaking hands ensure that it is firm, and maintain eye contact with the opposite person. A loose handshake signifies lack of confidence. A good handshake, on the other hand, generates warmth, and solidifies the following communication.

The Art of Diplomacy

We are taught to be polite to everyone right from the time we learn to speak. Politeness is what makes you as well as the other person feel good. Being diplomatic is also included in being polite. You may want to term it as 'social lying'. Yes, you may find it 'wrong' but sometimes, it's lack of diplomacy that has led to soured meetings and relationships.

The Importance of Punctuality

Though lack of time is what most people protest, it's what is also taken lightly. Being prompt is vital as it portrays your value of others' time and also shows personal responsibility. Don't overstay your welcome and come and leave on time.

A Gift for the Hostess

If you are visiting someone at their house, do remember to carry a gift for the host, even if it's just a bunch of flowers. It shows the thought behind the gesture. Don't carry something big or costly, carry something that will show your appreciation towards the host.

The Art of Conversation

Everything has been going well so far, you're dressed well, you're behaving in just the right manner, but if you are unable to make good conversation, all this will really not matter much.
If the gathering is not personal, and involves more guests you haven't met before, ensure that you introduce yourself to everyone, and circulate among all group of guests. This will eliminate any misgivings about you being shy and unsocial.

Keep your Cell Phone Off

Maintain proper dining etiquette by remembering to turn off your cell phone in the course of a meal. Nothing is more rude than a ringing cell phone at a social gathering, more so while dining.
Also, in case you have forgotten to switch it off, do not, under any circumstance answer a call or reply to a text message, as it is considered rude. While attending a social gathering, keep all food and drink towards your left, leaving the right hand empty for handshakes.

Remember to Say Thank You

One thing many people ignore, or conveniently forget, is sending thank you notes. Whether you had a good time at a party or social gathering, or whether you received a gift, ensure that you send a thank you note.
Though it sounds simple and unimportant, it is one of the best ways to show that you appreciate being remembered. It also leaves an impact on the hosts and makes them feel special.
In order to maintain a proper relation, and as a general rule of good behavior, following the basics of social etiquette are important. Do not mistreat anyone, as you never know who is noticing you; it could be a potential employer, friend, or even a life partner!