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18 Signs That Prove You Are the Mom Of Your Friends' Group

Amita Ray Nov 5, 2018
If you have an uncontrollable urge to go that extra mile just to make sure your friends stay out of trouble, if you're the one they turn to when they need help, if you're up at 4 am being the agony aunt for your buddies, then my friend, there's a chance that you are the mom of your group.
If your friends are nervous when it comes to introducing their new-found "special one" to you and you've to try your level best not to interrogate him/her.

Just Another Sign That You're a Mommy To Your Friends!

Friends are the only reason why we survived our troubled teens and our rocky 20s'. They've seen us through our heartbreaks and failures, and not abandoned us during some stupid weird phases we went through. What's more, they have even joined us in those weird phases, and boy, did we look stupid together! But we didn't care we've had our so-called swagger on.
We've fought many times, haven't spoken for days, moved in different directions, but at the end of the day, we've managed to stick together. Our differing personalities is one of the reasons that make hanging out with each other so much fun!
There's this particular friend that everyone must have, the mommy type. You know that because of this friend you have survived a number of situations, you can let yourself go because there's this person worrying for you.

If you can't recognize these qualities in a friend, that may be because you are the mommy of your group. Here are some signs to prove it.

Check whether everyone has put on sunscreen.

It is physically impossible for you to put your feet up and lay back until you've made that everyone has put ample amount of sunscreen of the right SPF every time the gang hits the beach. You're the only who's usually carrying a ball, umbrella, and mats to the beach.

You remember everyone's birthdays.

You not only remember the birthdays of your friends but their relatives as well. You diligently plan and organize every birthday party and remind everyone to be there. You are usually left with the mess after the party, but being the pro that you are, you get your friends to help.

Your purse contains everything.

Your purse has literally everything that anyone would need. You like to keep things in your bag just in case someone needs something. From granola bars to sweaters, you've got it all. If you're ever stranded on a deserted island, your purse is going to save them all.

You're the designated driver at every party.

You're not the one to get carried away and have one too many drinks. You have the will of steel and can resist temptations come what may. Everyone knows there could be no one but you behind the wheels and you really don't mind it.

You are their go-to person when in need of answers.

You're not scared to dish out some tough love, you're the person who gives the most honest and blunt answers when asked for. You say what you think is right, mostly for the betterment of your friend in need and are unapologetic about it.

You always make emotional speeches.

You remember the time when your highly disorganized incapable-of-doing-almost-anything-without-you friends actually managed to surprise you with a birthday party? You were so touched that you choked and gave an emotional speech about how great your friends are, or how you grew up together bringing a tear to everyone's eyes.

You always have food on you.

You make sure that everyone's hunger is well catered for! If they're hungry, they come to you for some munchies. Basically, you're like their personal vending machine.

Once in a while you're termed as the buzzkill.

Your friends are carefree always into some crazy stuff or the other. You're the one who has to take care of things when they're too drunk or hurt. In school, you were always reminding them to do their homework, now you're keeping tabs on how drunk they get or something like that. So one in a millionth time, you're called a buzzkill.

You know your friends are lost without you.

Without you around to tell them, your friends may be lying in some ditch or might have landed up in jail. It is your cautious ways that prevent them from texting while driving, or playing a game of arrow roulette. The day you decide to let your hair down and party hard, they get a bit nervous.

You have kept everyone's dirty little secrets.

You're the most sensible among your friends. All of them come to you with their problems with the hope that you'd talk some sense into them. You're the one they trust the most and know that their secret is safe with you. They know they can share anything with you without the fear of being judged.

You're your group's accountant.

You save your friends the trouble of doing the mental math or even getting out their calculator and try to divide the total. You do the math and tell everyone their share, while they're happily chuckling over Pete sticking straw in his mouth to make himself look like a walrus.

Parents love you.

Yes they do! Be it your parents, your friend's parents, your partner's parents, or their partners' parents, they all love you. The friendly homeless guy who gives soup, even his parents love you. They know their kids are going to be fine as long as you're around.

According to your friends, you're a superwoman/superman.

Yes, you can do almost anything, while your friends just stand and watch you in awe. From stitching a tear to changing the tire, you've got everything under control. Remember the time when Stacey screamed her lungs out and before anyone could get what happened, you already caught the grasshopper and chucked it in the garden?

"Be safe" and "Text once you get home" are your parting words.

You want to make sure that everyone's alright. You worry whether each of your bud has reached home safe or not. The last thing you say to your friend before leaving is to go home safely and let you know unless they want a rescue team to come looking for them.

You take care of everyone.

Getting them soup, keeping them company, taking them to the doc, or getting them their homework when you were in school. You've seen their messy breakups, guided them when they were lost, and at times, helped them gather the broken pieces of their lives and start afresh. You've done all for your friends. Make sure that your buddies are well taken care of.

Your friends call you mommy every now and then.

You love them and they love you. They're definitely lost without you, and you know that. You cater to their needs and take care of them without really minding it. Once in a while, either of your friend calls you mommy, and you don't mind it.

Your friends wish you on Mothers' Day.

It may be said in jest, but you know the truth behind that! You all love the fact that there is someone taking care of the others and if and when the time comes, everyone else will be taking care of you.

You're everyone's alarm clock.

When you guys plan a trip together or may be decide to get up early and study, you are the one who ensures everyone is up on time and doing what they're supposed to do. On your trip, while everyone is busy snoring away or clicking way too many groupfies, you're the one keeping track of time making sure that you stick the schedule of the itinerary.
If you have found yourself do any ten of the above-mentioned signs then, congratulations you're the mommy of your friends group!