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RSVP Wording Samples

Sheetal Mandora Oct 6, 2018
RSVP wording samples mentioned here can help you while sending out invitations for weddings, anniversaries or birthday parties, and baby showers...
RSVP means, Respondez S'il Vous Plait, a short form of the French phrase that means 'please respond'. For invitations like birthday, baby shower, and wedding, an RSVP is sent. A major part of social etiquette, an RSVP has to be short and precise; and we are here to help you put the exact content in the cards.

For a Wedding

You can either use the RSVP wedding wording samples given here or find inspiration to write one on your own. The choice is entirely yours.
The favor of a reply is requested
on or before (Specific Date)
Mr/Miss ________________
__ Accept w/ pleasure
__ Decline w/ regret
Indicate number of entrées below
__ Chicken
__ Fish
We have reserved two seats in your honor
Mr/Miss ____________________

__ Looking forward to it!
__ Have to miss the fun!

Song Request #1_____________
Song Request #2_____________
The favor of a reply is requested
before the (Specific Date)
Mr/Miss ____________________
Will _____ attend

Please indicate number of each
__ Chicken
__ Fish
We look forward to celebrating with you all
Please reply by (Specific Date)

Name ________________

Number of persons ____

Sorry, unable to attend ____

For a Baby Shower

Nowadays, while sending out baby shower invitations, many people have started requesting an RSVP as well. It's just good sense because the responses will help you plan out your event more smoothly.
Instead of spending the extra time, money, and effort on those guests who won't be showing up for the event, it is best to spend them on the guests that will.
We look forward to the

Please reply by (Specific Date)

Name ____________________

Attending _____
Not Attending ___
The favor of a reply is requested
before the (Specific Date)
# of Adults _____
Will _____ attend

# of Children _____
Will _____ attend
Every minute counts!
Please respond by (Specific Date)

Name __________________

Will Attend _____
Not Attend _____
Celebrate Melanie's birth
Please reply by (Specific Date)

Name _________________

_____ Attending with joy!
_____ Declining with regret!
As a receiver of the card, whether or not you are going to attend someone's wedding, baby shower, birthday, anniversary party, it's common sense to let them know about your plans.
For those who are sending the invitations along with an RSVP, remember―give your guests ample time to respond. Many times, not everyone has made their future plans beforehand. And hence, giving them at least a week or even two can make a huge difference.
These wording samples are supposed to help both the sender of the card and the receiver as well.